We are Monsters

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
Do you know your monsters?

Submitted: October 27, 2011

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Submitted: October 27, 2011



I stare high above my feelings,

from the bottom of the pit,

all around me the walls grow higher,

as i build it bit by bit.


No ropes of hope reach,

and no thoughts can make it through,

no compassion or feelings,

no abilities to renew.


My emotions are plastered,

on the texture of my mask,

having no one see through,

is my one and only task


The key master i here,

rising higher then the walls,

he peeks his head in,

and bellows out his calls.


The demon pulls my strings,

and makes his puppet shiver,

I was once only the taker,

but the beast is now the giver.


But the walls are surrounded,

by lifes endless dreams,

when the mask is on,

nothing is what it seems.


The puppet is the truth,

 the mask is the lie,

the walls and the creature,

urging me to cry.


So i grab my mask,

thinking the monsters gone,

is this the right time,

or should i leave it on.


The monster is still here,

but its powers grow soft,

with all my emotionless might,

I take my gruesome mask off.


I throw it to the ground,

and break it under my feet,

the puppets strings are cut,

and the monster is beat.


My emotions show true,

and cast onto the wall,

every brick of fear shivers,

and begins to fall.


Everyones wall if different,

with your true eyes you must see,

look past the mask that covers them,

thats where your demon will be.


So take your masks off,

because in the walls you hide,

we are all the monsters,

howling from inside.

© Copyright 2018 Jimi Diamond. All rights reserved.