Preparing for an Ice Storm

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Ice Storms are dangerous and often cause power failures and major damage to people and their communities. This article highlights most items a person may need in their preparations for an Ice Storm.

Submitted: December 14, 2007

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Submitted: December 14, 2007





Once your area of living has been alerted for a potential Ice Storm, the following actions should take place immediately if and when possible: Try to have these items on hand or at least a majority of them before the storm strikes. In most major ice storms, power failures occur. Ice storms differ in time lines, one storm may last for only a day or some to ten to fifteen days before your power is restored again, so be prepared for long-term survival. If your house runs on electricity … it is a good idea to have the items below on hand.


If you have a gas stove … light the burners and keep the flames low. Open a nearby door or window just enough to allow escaping gas to exit. Do not stay near the stove. Check the stove regularly for burning. If your eyes begin to water …. Turn the burners off a few minutes to allow any fumes to go outside through the open cracked door or window before relighting your stove again for warmth.


  • Purchase or have available … a generator with 5000 watts or more. Check your fuel level every seven hours. Always keep enough fuel on-hand for at least two refuels.
  • ( All generators should be outside and away from your house / dwelling at a distance of twenty feet or more. Use a long extension cord from the generator to the house / dwelling .. then attach additional cords to the main generator extension cord as needed. Do not overload your generator. Check your generator every 40 hours of operation for oil.

Turn your generator off .. unplug all electrical cords .. check oil level .. fill as necessary .. wait ten minutes .. restart generator, attach cords.


Insure that the exhaust from the generator blows away from the entrance.


  • Purchase or have available … extra long extension cords
  • Purchase or have available … a heater that runs on propane … have extra tanks on hand.
  • Purchase or have available … a Kerosene Lamp / w/ plenty of kerosene fuel
  • A chain saw or saw tool. These tools are handy when clearing fallen limbs or debris.
  • Tools for scraping off ice on walkways or driveway.
  • Bags of rock salt for melting the ice areas.
  • Water … bottled water by the cases.
  • Blankets
  • Purchase or have available .... flashlights / batteries
  • Buy or have available …. "D"cell batteries for lamp lights
  • Buy or have available … extra lamps powered by batteries
  • Buy or have available …. a battery-powered T.V. for advisories
  • Keep an ample supply of can goods and other food that will not spoil.
  • Keep breakables, away from all windows.
  • Keep everybody in the household away from all windows.
  • Have a cell phone on hand and charger.
  • Do not try to plug in a hair dryer to any cords.
  • Check your generator fuel gauge every seven hours for fuel level.
  • When fueling, turn generator off first. Fuel tank, (do not over fill). Allow five to ten minutes before restarting.
  • Remember, during most ice storms, tree limbs break and fall from the heavy ice accumulations. If seated in the house, sit at the farthest point away from any windows or your tree area outside.
  • If you lose power to your home, you may try staying with family or friends who still have power in their homes.
  • Call your local power company and report all power shortages, when you lose power or know of someone else who has.

Stay clear of downed power lines or exposed electrical fixtures.

Ice Storms are dangerous .. and at times can produce lightning too. Stay warm and safe.

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