An Insight to Game Over

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Leslie (Florence) and Laura are trying to free Laurence from the dark Lord's grip. And this is the hilarious scenario that occurs when they try to get through the gates...

Laurence was trapped behind the long, dark border of Lord Cayne's country. Laura and Leslie stared up at the large, forbidding gate. All they had to do was pass through the gate, and save Laurence.

"We're the L Team!" Laura said confidently.

"The Losers." Leslie muttered. "It's a stupid name."

Laura ignored him. Something very useful when you're around Leslie. She made to push the gate.

"HALT!" Someone screamed from the bushes. A dark figure jumped out, brandishing a spear. "WHO GOES THERE?"

"What the heck." Leslie rolled his eyes. He'd seen too many weirdos to be bothered by this crazy guard.


"We wanna go through the gate." Laura said ernestly.

"THEN YOU'LL HAVE TO GET THROUGH ME!" The guard screamed. "I AM THE FAMOUS GUARDIAN OF... OF..." He glanced behind him uncertinaly. "OF THIS GATE! EVER HEARD OF RIPJAW?"

"No." Leslie frowned.


"Will you stop shouting in capital letters?" Laura groaned. "It's really loud and annoying."

The guard looked sheepish. "Sorry." he mumbled. "I'm just used to shouting 'cos it scares people. Like this: HALT! WHO GOES -"

"We get the idea!" Leslie interrupted. "Now, how can we get through the gate?"

The guard paused thoughtfully. "Well, this is a dark and terrible land." He said mysteriously. "Filled with..."

"With weird angels, dancing bears, and idiotic mothers." Leslie interruped once again, glancing at Laura meaningfully.

The guard glared at Leslie, then continued. "... Filled with fear, loss and sadness. So, if you can cheer me up with a little romance..."

"Romance?" Leslie gaped.

"What? Me and that guy?" Laura pointed to Leslie.

"Yep! I want you to act out some romance, and if you're good enough, you're free to go through."

With that, he turned and settled down comfortably, leaning against the gate.

"What do we do?" Leslie hissed.

"Cinderella!" Laura replied hastily.

Leslie glared. "Look, Romeo and Juliet, make it quick!"

Laura looked blank. "How does that go?"

Leslie groaned. "I can't believe I'm discussing literature with you!" He muttered. "Look, Juliet fakes death, Romeo thinks she actually died, kills himself, and then Juliet wakes up, sees Romeo dead and kills herself as well, OK?"

Laura frowned. "What?"

"Hurry up!" The guard barked. "Or I shall start screaming!"

"Oh god no." Leslie grumbled, and motioned to Laura. "Just lie down, OK? Pretend to be pretend dead."


"What's wrong with your IQ? Just do as I say!" He snapped, and Laura nodded obediently, lying down with her tongue flopping out.

"Give me strength!" Leslie muttered, and forced out words he hoped he would never utter again, falling down on one knee: "Oh, my beloved sweetheart! Why have you gone and left me?"

"I don't know." Laura answered from the ground.

"Shut up! You're dead!" Leslie growled under his breath, and continued: "Nevertheless, I shall join you in Death's embrace!"

The guard began to sob.

Leslie whipped out the bottle of red wine he had saved all the way, looked at it sorrowfully, and then drank it all. He didn't want to remember any of this. Wine would help.

He flopped down lifelessly, banging his head as hard as he could on the ground. With any luck he would be unconscious.

Instead, he was perfectly fine except for the pain shrieking through his very brain and the fact that he was still painfully aware of Laura messing it up.

Through half-lidded eyes he saw Laura leap up with her hands over her mouth in mock horror. "Oh no! He can't be dead! I must give him the kiss of life!"

That's Sleeping Beauty! Leslie raged silently to himself. He tried to move, but his head throbbed with pain whenever he even tried to think. The wine had done nothing but numb his senses and paralyse him. He vaguely saw Laura bending down towards his face.

Blood rushed to his head. His heart pounded although whether it was with anger, annoyance, or unexpected joy, he wasn't sure.

He waited for a close up view of Laura. Her cool breath brushed against his face. He almost sat up to greet her.

Suddenly, his world snapped back to reality by the sound of the guard throwing up his lunch. Leslie sat up as Laura straightened up surprisingly quickly, her face pink and breathless. He glared at the guard irritably.

The guard retched, then took a deep shuddering breath, waving his hand weakly. "Sorry," he apologised, spitting into the bushes, his face wrinkled with disgust. "Weak stomach, you know... Not your acting, don't worry. Striking couple, definitely."

Leslie narrowed his eyes.

"So we can go through?" He asked curiously.

The guard looked horrified. "Of course! Of course! Wonderful acting... Wonderful..." He looked rather pale. "Striking couple. Perfect for each other, honestly."

He took out a key from his pocket, turned and inserted it into the gate. It slid open easily and the guard gestured. "Hurry up." He muttered. "Um... Terrible indigestion. I don't wanna... Y'know, throw up again... It's horrible."

Laura and Leslie stared forward at the gate. "Oh," Laura murmured. "Well, that was easy."

Submitted: November 25, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Jingle Q. All rights reserved.

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Hahaha. Good job. Loved it! :D

Sat, November 26th, 2011 12:19am


Thanks! OK I don't think this has much chance XD cos it's nowhere near realistic.

Sat, November 26th, 2011 12:58am


It didn't have to be realistic. Its totally awesome. Don't worry! :D

Sat, November 26th, 2011 8:54pm


Thanks... :D lol

Sat, November 26th, 2011 1:53pm

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