the thig on a hill

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its about thig

Submitted: October 26, 2011

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Submitted: October 26, 2011



Once upon a hill top there was a small house made of half a stick and a brick painted green. this house belonged to the creature known only as 'thig'. thig was small and coved in long thick hair that covered him from tip to toe.

He ate mainly food and drank mainly liquids, unfortunetly since it hadn't seen his face in so long he offten forgot where his mouth was and tried to eat and drink with his eyes.

One day thig moved the hair from it's eyes and saw that it had mistaken it's house for a  mushroom and was now coverd in brick dust and bits of twigs. thig sighed as this was not the first time this had happend. in fact this was the 850th time this month. thig chuckeled rembering the time it had tried to eat a lemon but had forrgoten where his mouth was , then thig triped over some of its hair (that he had once traced to his chin and so called it the 'chin-mustache') and fell down the hill. the rolling caused friction and that caused static witch built up until it touched a near by pig witch turned instantly  into a full english breakfast.

finaly after he had eaten, he started to knit it's beard, thig knited for 3 days. eventualy it had knited a small continent (though of cause he did not know that ) and more importantly a stick and brick shop, all the tiny bits of mushroom whitch had got traped in his gone moldy and grown legs, came out  grew 6 feet tall and populated the contient and more importanty  the shop, at whitch thig bougt a brick and stick (a whole one this time as it didn't like to skimp on expence) and walked to his hill and sat in its new house and drank a nice warm cup of what he presumed was coco but was actualy anti-freeze (quite why he had anti-freeze not even I know) and went to bed.


the end.

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