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A poem I wrote way back!!!

Submitted: November 21, 2011

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Submitted: November 21, 2011




The Life.


I just had a beautiful thought,

Which I never understood,

I was gliding, whirling, reading Christina,

This thought came out of hood.


Isn’t innocence like a soldier, being prepared to fight?

Giving her ego everything, and then taking back her basic rights!

Like soldier’s body being given fruits, cream and exercise,

And then they pay for boundaries’ ego, their lives being the prize.


Isn’t life like a videogame, being played by eternal bright?

Passing hurdles, higher levels to get afterwards moksha, the light!

Like a gamer starts the game with easy level, pass military,

And then he passes the last level and gets the victory.


Isn’t care like a rose, shining amidst fears and fright?

Beaming at a child, even in her greatest distress in her plight!

Like a rose, symbol of love, shines bright, fragrance smiles.

Even living amidst the thorns, pain minimizes away the pain flies.


Isn’t journey of life like evolution, from almost nothingness it takes flight,

Developing, evolving, learning, changing the best rises higher than a kite!

Like a monkey, an early man, evolved into the human like myself,

Learning from mistakes and gene mutation they become human or an angry elf.


Thinking, writing; thinking writing,

I think, what’s the point to think?

Why can’t stupid me live a life?

When I know it can pass in a wink!

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