The Ensnared Goldfish

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*Winner of the contest it was written for* PG for slightly abusive element. A woman living life of a goldfish.

Submitted: July 28, 2012

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Submitted: July 28, 2012




The Goldfish


Dreams are not always beautiful and love stories are not always fairy tales. We don’t always get what we want and we don’t always realize we have lost everything before actually losing it. I at least never noticed anything amiss from my life before the thunder shook and everything was turned nightmarish. My yet to prosper love story which was supposed to be a beautiful shade of love turned out to be a dreadful shade of crimson. From being owner of an ocean, I become goldfish in a bowl.  


I move moping around the forests. They have been my home for quite sometime now. I have no track of where I am or how much time has elapsed since I ran away from that place which the other people used to call my home. I am almost an animal now; sleeping wherever I drop down, eating whatever I found and drinking water from the pond. It’s my new life and trust me if you can; it is definitely much better than that horrendous existence.


I lurch upon the fallen fruit, whatever it was, I cared less, and it was at least food. I remember that time, and I am quite amazed at my incredible memory, I am equally astounded by the fact that I still hold my sanity after everything that beast made me go through.


I wore traditional dress and got ready for my ‘day’. I was quite happy about the marriage. I had never thought I could be happy about the idea of spending my whole life with a stranger but, I just was.


Ignorance is bliss they say. They might be right for all heaven knows. But, the thing of the matter is that, I need a good cleaning of myself. I need some fresh clothes. The ones I am wearing stinks.


I walk around through now fairly familiar forest towards the pond. It was quite a scenic place; decorated all around by rocks and flowers but to me, it was nauseating for my ‘husband’ had decorated his own little bath almost similar to the one here. Nevertheless the little wonder of nature in front of my eyes doesn’t loose its beauty altogether just because of that trivial ‘fact’.


I remove my clothes one by one, no longer feeling cautious like I did for quite a time. I was no longer a gold fish in a bowl. I was in an ocean, free to move anywhere I wish. I was no longer put on exhibition. I had my own life and I chose what I do. I eat when I want and what I want, although it’s true that I can’t get burgers and ice-creams in the forest, I sleep where I want, although I don’t get comfy beds here, with each one of the un-important details, my life is much pleasant here than in that house; although, not as much fairy-tale kind as I had fantasized during that cursed period of my matrimony.


I clean my clothes first and hang it on the branches. Then, I slip in the pond, naked to my panties, cool water touch my dirty skin. Water covers me till my neck. I lean back against the rocks.


“I wish to give you everything you will ever need and everything you ever dreamt of. I have just met you and we are just married but I already love you so much, I can hardly keep my hands off you! And I can’t bear not being able to see you.” His words sounded like those of a prince to his princess, so loving they were. Only if I knew, he meant the last few words so literary. If I knew, I would have run away if I knew in my new life, I’ll be having as much privacy as that of goldfish in a bowl.


“I feel like I love you too.” It was my turn to say the Cinderella words. “I don’t know anything else and I don’t dream of anything else except that I dream of being as good a wife as I can for you.” My father always said that, a wound from sharpest of the swords can be healed, but a wound delivered by words, can never heal. I could never tell such words of love and bliss could be used so much against me.


I open my eyes and look around. Sun has already started lowering from its position. I quickly wash my body as best as I can, using mud as my soap and wipe it clean. I pick up my now somehow dry clothes and slip into them. I walk around to find a broken cottage I had seen during the day. It was quite chilly outside, even though I can’t feel the chill anymore, I could use the protection of a house anyways.


He had started our marriage as I had dreamt about it. Pleasant cuddles, giggles, love talks and love making of-course, until he started getting obsessed with only the love making part. He wanted it every time of the day. I didn’t know how he arranged doing it to me. I was just like his pet fish Claudia with very minimal differences. A few being, I was in a human body and my bowl was my husband’s house.


Just like Claudia got to see anyone other than my husband and myself only when my husband wished her to be seen specifically, it was the same for me and because I wanted to be a ‘good’ wife, I compiled with everything he wanted and I didn’t mind.


I reach the cottage and enter inside. As I had expected, it was warmer and more protected than the forest. I lie down in one corner, waiting for some sleep to come.


His mental abuse, his temper tantrums, his wickedness, his refused to give me proper food, I had bear with everything. I had complained once to my parents, but got spanked by them for complaining about such a nice husband and I silently went back on my position. I had bear with everything I could and it was enough. I could not do what he wanted of me then, my patience was tested enough and then I ran away. I don’t know how I managed. I don’t know how I could slip out and I don’t know for how many days I ran without stopping. When I stopped, I felt bad for Claudia for not having anywhere to run.


I could not go out in public. I knew he would be searching for me, most probably to kill me as soon as he found me. That dirty creature. I was too keen on my morals to do what he wanted of me. It might seem right to other people, but it was not for me. I could not let him put me on show. I could not let him bring his whore inside our house when my child was on the way, the child that died when he berated me and I got too stressed. I could not let him share our bedroom with her. It was too much and I had no support. Not even from my own parents.


A searing pain cross my chest and my eyes and mouth fall open both at the same time to see the beautiful face of that cursed devil in front of my eyes pointing his licensed gun at my chest and a sneer decorating his otherwise seemingly kind features and smirk shining his deep blue eyes.


“Found you.” He mouthed. And I close my eyes for a long sleep, knowing that I was a goldfish again.



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