The Singing Bells

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
Bored, don't wanna write a summary. This is for hinoglue's contest. Thankie.

Submitted: September 26, 2011

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Submitted: September 26, 2011




I descended down the stairs leading to the tiny beach of Ocean of Destiny. It was my favorite place since I was five years old. It was the first time I had heard those Bells sing for me. Whenever I was in doubts, whenever I had questions, I would come here and those Bells sung the answers for me.



I was five years old and I was really upset. My dear Louise, my cat had died. So, I had come here to cry. Holding my doll in hand I had descended down the stairs. I cried for a while when I heard the voice. It sung like chimes.


“Birdie don’t cry,

Singing bells pry,

Let me give you wings,

Come after the rings.”


I got startled and amazed, the voice had been beautiful. I started searching for the owner. But she was nowhere to be seen. I went home and told my mother. She said it was just in my mind. No-one believed me and so I just went back to see there for a while. Ocean waters brushed my feet soothingly. I forgot about my loving Louise.


I heard the Bells again a few months later, when someone was drowning in the Ocean.


“Save the poor child,

From the creatures wild,

Be deserving of the wings again,

Blessings and helpfulness is your greatest gain.”


This time the voice had been full of pain. The voice looked like that of a girl, a little girl. And it was always like chimes, like bells.


As soon as her song was finished, a boat rowed towards the shore near me and a beautiful boat. Beautifully carved and designed. It looked like a swan with a space for two to sit.


I quickly sat in the boat and rowed towards the drowning man. Something giant was nearing him. I was so young, I got scared. I quickly took the drowning man in the boat and rowed back towards the shore. All this while ocean flowed in the direction I was heading to help us escape.


I looked back at the ocean after coming out of boat. It was going back the same way it had come to me.


It has been twelve years since then. Now, I am seventeen. Today, I had just come there to see the tides and blue. I always loved blue. I associate the blue with calmness, innocence and sincerity. I walked towards the waters. They touched my feet.


“Calling you the divine mother,

Inviting you a little further,

Walk ahead and reach the rings,

It is time for you to get the wings.”



Enchanted by the voice, I walked ahead. I kept on walking and stopped only when I realized, I was head down below the waters. I started to panic. Waves sweep me towards the deep waters. I was kicking at waters to survive. I didn’t know how to swim.


Suddenly a pair of arms caught me in them. It was a beautiful angel wearing a baby pink gown like those of our royal princess, only better. Her hairs were beautifully decorated with yellow flowers. Her face was milky white and eyes deep blue, just like sea.


I knew then, I was dead and it was an angel sent me to take me. It was an angel so I at least was happy that I was getting heavens and not hell.


I stopped kicking and went peaceful; I closed my eyes and let my body go limp. The angel floated with me in arms. I opened my eyes to see that she was carrying me like one carries a feather. I wondered how could someone so fragile looking be so strong. I smiled and went limp again.


“Whenever you hear a singing cry,

Know an angel called to you,

Whenever you hear a stiffening sigh,

Know an angel is giving you a clue.


Whenever you look into oceans dark,

Your eyes follow a calm line,

Whenever you look at a golden spark,

Your eyes look at passing angel fine.


Whenever you trust in yourself,

Your feather shines bright,

Whenever you let yourself free,

You get an angel’s sight.


Whenever you smile for first time,

You are chosen by an angel,

Whenever an angel to be free; cries,

You can choose to be an angel.


You are given a choice,

Can you be an angel?

You can free the angel’s voice,

By completing the blue triangle.”


It was the same voice, the voice I had been hearing for so many years. Can she be from the heaven? Was I to be an angel?


I opened my eyes to see the same fragile looking fairy wearing the pink dress in front of me who held me in her arms. She smiled on seeing me, her eyes were watered. “Whenever an angel to be free; cries” I remembered her singing just moments before. She was talking with me. She was crying to be free?


“I don’t understand, me; an angel?”


You can free the blue angel,

And free her voice,

By completing the blue triangle,

You are given a choice.”


“What if I don’t?” I questioned her, weighing my choices.


“Blue angel cries for eternity,

Loosing the singing bells,

Passing the rule, the sovereignty,

To whoever chooses the evil shell?”


She replied in a worried voice. I still didn’t understood what she meant.


“What are the singing bells?”


“Singing bells blue angel’s voice,

Stolen by the evil shell,

Makes the blue angel cries,

Only you can help as story tells.”


“But how can I help?”


“If you complete the blue triangle,

By hearing your prince’s breath,

And swear to be an angel,

Blue angel gets the singing bells back.”


“A prince; I don’t have a prince.”


“A prince you will have to search,

In two days time,

He need not be a royal birth,

Blue-angel chimes.”


“And what becomes of you?”


“I go back to my lord”


“Ok. I will go. But am I dead?”


“To your step-mother you are dead,

She is happy on saving extra bread,

But sure you didn’t die,

You need not cry.”


She smiled with her eyes still full of those tears. She looked beautiful. It looked rather childish to me, but still everything around looked much like a fairy-tale and so I went on to find the prince. It was easy too. I just had to find a man, court him and become an angel and my guardian angel is set free.


While I was busy with my mental ranting, my angel was preparing to leave. She stopped in the middle of her steps and turned around.


“What seems easy is difficult often,

Choices you have to make might kill,

To the harsh you might want to soften,

The soft might wish your ill?”



As the angel left, I pinched myself to check if I was dreaming. I was not. It was too much to believe. I had an angel guardian, who had landed up in some random childish trouble, and I had to find some prince and get married in two days. On top of that, I had to be an angel. Fine, I was of marriageable age. King Armand the third, our ruling king had made it mandatory for a girl to be married by eighteenth birthday but the idea still nauseated me.


I really wanted to help this angel, she had been by my side during so many painful times, and I had to give it to her. I sighed at my fate and just then realized I didn’t know what I was supposed to do! I growled my disgust.


My gaze passively went to the corner of the bed in which I was lying. A beautiful angel-ish blue and white dress was lying there and on top of that there was a note.


“Why don’t you start with the easiest thing? This is a gift for the beautiful girl who decided to help this sulky angel; all the best my child.”


It was actually true. The easiest thing to start with was dressing up. I noticed a tub full of hot water and a dressing area behind the curtains in the room. I decided I’ll calm my nerves a little, for I was not yet over the shock of just being there.


I stripped out of my clothes and entered the tub. Warm water trickled on my skin and my mind repeated the happenings of that day. I wondered where I was and realizing that I just had two days worth of time, I finished washing and drying myself and came out of the tub.


I put on my new dress and went to the dressing area. I looked myself in the mirror. I looked just fine if not beautiful. I had long dark brown brunette hair; deep blue eyes a regular nose, fluffy lips and milky white skin. But, were my features of a kind, picked up by a prince? “He need not be a royal birth” I remembered the words of the angel. If I was chosen such a long time before, was he also chosen? Would she already know whom I was trying to find? Why won’t she just tell me? I sighed and finished combing my hair.


I went out of the room from where the angel had left. The castle or whatever it was was magnificent. I had once visited my town’s Royal castle; it was nothing in comparison to the beautiful place in front of me.


I roamed around the castle. There were so many cheery pixies working on decorating the place for some occasion. Some were chattering in their sing-song voice, others were singing a happy song. I wondered what it was all about. This place was a mystery to me. As I passed the tiny creatures, they bowed on seeing me pass with a cheerful smile plastered on their face. I wondered how they could be so happy when their angel was crying. Was she a cruel angel or she had not told anyone? I didn’t know.


While walking I un-knowingly reached outside the castle in some kind of market area. It was just like my own town; the only difference was that no human could be seen. I walked through the markets, giggling on seeing so cute creatures, waiting to stand in front of random shops.


I suddenly bumped into someone. He was wearing royal clothes, just like our royal prince. He bowed on seeing me, I bowed back. I wondered if he could be the prince angel was talking about. As, I was lost in his face, he was lost in mine.


“You look beautiful, I don’t recognize you. Are you new to this place?” He asked me, in not so sing-song voice like others. But it was perfect; a perfect mixture of a fairy like voice and a human voice.


“I just…your voice, its different from others.”


His expression looked amused. He looked down at me and smiled world’s most dazzling smile showing half his teeth and his velvet lips curved up. His green eyes shone brightly. He bent down a little to come in line with my eyes.


“You like what you hear?”


“y…yes. But why? How?”


“Let’s talk while walking.”


We started walking together. I got comfortable with him within minutes. I didn’t know it had to be so easy and if it wasn’t even to help someone; I could give anything to marry him.


He told me why his voice is only half sing-song.


“My mother’s angel was the green angel. Her voice was lost and so my mother became an angel by completing the green triangle. You know, triangle of love; triangle of an angel, a human and her prince. My mother’s prince was an angel. So, I am a half breed.” He said showing his teeth again.


I got even more certain of him being my angel. We talked for hours and when it was nearing evening, I took him with me to the blue angel. He greeted her calling her his aunt. I told her that he was my prince. She felt delighted but still enquired whether I was certain of this fact?


“You don’t know?” I asked, confused.


She made a face as if it was world’s most obvious thing and shrugged. I was dumbfounded.


After sometime, I realized the preparation of castle were my marriage preparations and those of the ascending of fairy to the God. That was why the pixies and everyone seemed so cheerful.


Even though, it just had been a day, I found myself deeply in love with him. I found out his name was Eric, oh mine is Erica; perfect name for each other.



The next day, I was dressed in a beautiful wedding gown, just like a princess. No matter, how self-centered I might sound, but I felt proud of myself. I looked so good, so beautiful.


With the bouquet in hand, and my face covered with veil following my little bride’s maids I walked down the altar. He was looking like world’s most beautiful prince. In attendance were my own blue angel, a green angel, a white angel, a brown angel and several pixies and waiting outside was a whole town. I had never imagined a wedding so magnificent for myself.


I walked down and stood in front of my prince. I looked in his magical eyes and smiled as he vowed to be with me forever.


When I was going to vocalize my vows, the door of the church threw open. It was a half human soldier carrying a human man in his arms. He lay unconscious. I recognized him as my town’s prince. Prince Richard.


The soldier brought him where we were standing and lowered him on ground.


“Father save my child, I’m his guardian. Please save him.”


I subconsciously bent down and closed my eyes. I wanted to think that my marriage was spoilt. My best day was going to be turned into worse when a musical sound filled my ears.


“You are the air baby,

That I breathe,

You are the strength,

That I always need

You are the light,

In my eyes,

My shining star, her.

You are my Angel!!!

You are my Angel!!!”


I couldn’t understand what was happening and was taken by surprise. I looked around to see if anyone else had heard the voice. No one looked like they have. I decided to confirm it from them.


“You heard the song?”


“What song?”


“The song coming from this man’s breathe.” I said pointing at the man lying on the ground.


Everyone was shocked and taken aback.


But you said Eric was your prince.”


“What…what do you mean?” I enquired.


“The song, you didn’t hear it from Eric?”


“No” I said, my heart sinking.


And you love him.”


“Yes, I do.” I said, stating the obvious.


The blue angel looked out of the window. It was nearing night; the second day was soon to end. She looked up and smiled.


I have no right to take your love away, Marry Eric, the triangle be damned.”


You will get burned Ariah.” The green fairy’s sing-song voice said to blue angel.


I looked at Eric and sighed, making my choice.


“I choose to marry this man on ground.” I said closing my eyes. Blue angel’s eyes filled with thankfulness.

“If you are sure, kiss him on lips and your union is complete”.


I kissed him in one magical moment. Our union was complete and swore to be the blue fairy.


Blue angel swayed on her heels and into the air. She got the singing bells back and in her throat and vanished in front of us.


“You made a wise choice.” Eric said in meaningful voice. I bowed down my head, unable to meet his gaze. He left.


I and now conscious Prince Richard sat there while everyone made merry on getting a new angel. 


A/N: Disclaimer: Song in end doesn't belong to me rest of the idiotic story is mine.

© Copyright 2020 Jinisha. All rights reserved.

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