How could I Ever hurted, you.

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It's about, how I know that I messed up Big time. With you.

Submitted: August 13, 2012

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Submitted: August 13, 2012



I know that I messed up Big time with you. I know that theres no way that you will take me back. No matter how much I try. But I just want you to know that, I still love you. I still miss you. I still think about you, like crazy. Each and Every single day. When I go in close my eyes, all I ever see is you just holding me tight. Like you use to do. I keep on thinking about the good old time memories that we once share, together. You was and still always be my first love. You will always have my heart. I was the fool to let you go. But Everytime I see you. Like that one day, in the car. I just started to stared straight towards you. And I kept saying to myself, how did I ever let you go. How did I ever hurted you. My heart when I seen you my heart just started to beat, faster for you. Still.

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