Wrote for my BoyFriend

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This is a pome that I have wrote for my BoyFriend, before we ever started going out, now.

Submitted: August 12, 2012

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Submitted: August 12, 2012



When I first met you. I could not stop starring straight at you. When we first started hanging out and started talking I was kinda nerves. When we first texts to each other I kinda started liking you. When I even help you get that girl for you to go out with. I still liked you but never had the chance to tell you. I thought that you didn't not felt the same way about me to. I was thinking in the classroom when the bell rong to go home. I started saying to myself that should I tell him that I liked him a lot! But I decided not to say anything and just keep it to myself. Because I just remember that I had to hook you up with that girl. But then the next day when we came to school that day in the morning. I grab you and started to pull you to that girl that you wanted to ask out so dang badly. But then when I finally pulled you to her. She said no to you. I was happy that she did. But not to happy because I kinda felt bad about it. But now I am happy that we was together. And even though that we might not be together right now. I will always Love you nomatter what you are my Everything. My number one baby.

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