Crash (TheChallengeMaker's Shortie contest)

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For TheChallengeMaker's shortie contest.

Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013




 “You finally got all that attention you always craved.”

She swallowed hard, forcing the lump to travel down her dry throat.

“That's not what I was trying for. That's not what I wanted.”

“Haha, I don't think you even convinced yourself with that,” he sneered.

“I just want it to be over.”

“Oh? You just want it to be over? I forgot how this was all about you. Doesn't really matter what I want does it? I mean, now even less than before,” he laughed at himself, like he always did. Or used to.

She tried to ignore him. Curling her toes over the ledge, she peered down at the rippling water beneath her. She could see the flashing red lights from behind her reflected on its surface. She could hear the sirens and megaphones blaring and blurring together as they pounded through her eardrums.

“You can't just use a noose or mommy's pills or daddy's gun, no, that's not good enough for you. You have to stand on the busiest bridge in the busiest city and wait for people to notice. So you can feel their eyes on you, hear their thoughts racing about you. 'Oh that poor girl, what she must have been through to put her here. What a loss it would be if she jumped. She has so much going for her' yada yada, so on and so forth.” He chuckled again and gracefully bounded towards her on the ledge until he was right up against her ear, whispering. “Do you still think about me at night? About what you did?” He laughed, making her flinch. “Does your skin still crawl when you hear my name?”

“Please stop” she whimpered, chocking back sobs as tears traveled well worn paths down her cheeks. “Please...”

“Oh please stop,” he mocked the shrill in her voice, “oh please please PLEASE I can't bear it ANY longer! Haha!” He placed his foot on the ledge on the other side of her and swung across, pressing himself into her as he did so.

“Honey please.” The megaphones screeched again.

“God it's like nails across a chalkboard. Please just jump before I have to hear that again.”

“Dear, we care about you and we're here to help you. We promise we won't let anything happen to you, but first you have to get down.”

“They're trained to say that you know. They don't care about you. They don't know you or anything about you, not even your name.”

“SHUT UP!” She snapped, now breaking out into full sobs, her body retching so hard she almost slipped and had to catch herself.

“Damn, so close.”

“Get him away from me!”

The megaphone clicked back on. “Get who away from you dear?”

“HIM. He's right here! Get him away!”

There was a slight pause before the tentative response. “Honey, there's no one there. It's just you.”

“Haha! This is getting good really. I wanted this to be done but now I'm rather enjoying myself.”

“They can't see you...”

“Of course not you dumbass. Pardon my French, but I mean come on, you knew that. You're falling to pieces up here.”

“Yeah, who's to blame for that...” Her voice trailed off.

“Oh, don't even TRY to blame this on me honey.” He bounced down the ledge and twirled on his heel to face her. “Alright, I lied. I'm bored. It's time for you to go. You had your fun, got yourself that front page of tomorrow's newspaper and a nice little live action news segment, but now it's over.”

“No, stop. I don't...”

“Do not even think about saying you don't want to. That's not an option anymore. How could you let all these people down like that? How could you walk away now and be able to face everyone? No.” He grabbed her shoulders, spinning her so their faces weren't even an inch apart. “They came for a show and now you're going to give them one.”

She heard herself crash against the water.

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