The autobiography of a gemini

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This is the THING. My friends would love to read it. It voices my real opinions about them, the REALLY real ones. I hope the person reading this does'nt know who I am and if you do, then the least you can do is comment.

Submitted: June 04, 2008

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Submitted: June 04, 2008




This is the way i like the font, font size, colour and style as you must have guessed. I normally pretend to be the person I am not and hence, no-one knows the real 'ME'. I would not want to disclose my personality as I don't want anybody to know who I am. Whatever I write is my personal Property and that is precisely the reason i recommend you not to tell anyone about it.Somehow, i just can't control my slang, I've been chatting online with ppl since the 5th grade. Not much of my writing is exaggeration, mind you.

*GREETINGS* to all the readers who have the patience to read these lines of mine...

On the 17th of December '06 I finally had the guts to propose to the girl who i had a crush on, the answer had to be 'yes' or else i would've broken down. Thankfully My lucky stars shined. The name of the girl was Rita...sweet, charming, loving, affectionate and gorgeous. Everytime i looked at her face, it reminded me of a number of beautiful things, it took me to a totally new world. She was to me like a packet full of drugs to The Pakistani Cricketer 'ASIF'...not tht i have anything against just, runs in the blood u kno.  So...coming back to the topic, Drugs or Rita. Yes, Back then, hardly anyone knew her, she was'nt as popular back then, i was'nt 2...not tht i am goes without saying.

The way i proposed 2 her was totally wierd and the whole thing was screwed up until she agreed. Frankly speaking, i regret having loved her in the first place, i still continue to do so, sadly enough she does'nt. Anyway, to continue with the story. After I proposed we were both in the sing-song kind of attitude, the next day we had a christmas party in our school, i kept smurking at her but to no avail, she was totally surrounded by people. After the party we agreed 2 meet at my place. It was a pleasant evening, We expressed our gratitude and spoke about things happening at school. BORING. Lyf went on, we kept speaking more and more to each other, got to know each other well. I loved her to the core but her love was beginning to fade away.

Anyway, thats enough abt rita for now...lets get on to my best friend cyrus. I love him as much as i love rita, not that im gay or anything but u know, tht 'bhai-bhai' kind of Love. There are'nt any chapters in this one so it is going to be loooooooooooooong. Coming back to cyrus, he's a total sweet-heart, plays football well and other sports O.K ish...neways...he's this guy who people call a 'dude' instead of a 'dud' though i think he deserves the title. He intelligent, smart, handsome, young and what's more he's just reached puberty. Haha, not that im the vulgurish writer but something here and there wont be an issue i guess.

Another best friend of mine is brock. He's got a care free attitude and totally loves girls. He even has the hots for some teachers. Neways, He's short, dances well and also plays football. Thats the thing that keeps us together, FOOTBALL. I just love the hereon i start the detailed descriptions gradually...catch them unfold...






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