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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Memoir  |  House: Booksie Classic

This memoir was written to be taken in, to eventual help somebody not enter the world of drugs or get out of it. It is also about my history of mental illness. The memoir was shortened and hastened one night to possibly be elaborated on later. Thank you for reading and God bless! (This book has been refreshed)

Table of Contents

Hello world

I was about 14 when I first tried marijuana.... My life up to that point was almost normal. My parents separated at the age of 3. But... Read Chapter

Trying it

So there I am, 14 years old, and one of my best friends has some weed. I wasn't suprised, he was known to do sneaky stuff like that. Not ... Read Chapter

Its high school!

16 years old...regular kid. A hip hop enthusiast. Shy, yes, but "cool enough". I liked myself anyways. Smoking weed and drinking more now... Read Chapter

The next big thing

I don't know what negative effects marijuana had on my brain at this point, aside from it being addictive, and making me act stupid. Exce... Read Chapter


I believe I was 17 when I first experienced depression. I had taken a pretty good dose of psylocibin and the come down was like nothing I... Read Chapter

First contact

I did not walk the line.... I actually had to go to summer school. I felt bad for my mom. No pictures man. That got me. Not much made... Read Chapter


I was about 19 now. I was becoming "lost" as my generation says. I had many embarrasing memories that bothered me. I isolated myself much... Read Chapter

Mental health

I always had moments in my life where I said I would stop doing drugs and drinking for good. When I was younger I never knew words like "... Read Chapter


20 years old and I'm living at my aunt and uncles house. I take medication now and im in my room most of the time. Family members and vis... Read Chapter


Finally I start getting sleep.... The medicine is strong after I take it. It makes me fall asleep. It doesn't feel so good, but I sle... Read Chapter

Moving on

So onto the dangerous part. Well it didn't seem dangerous, but why not lets call it dangerous. I got my own place. When I got better I wa... Read Chapter

On, off

Its funny how something can influence you to do something that's such a big deal. Like drugs. After being clean and sober once again I ga... Read Chapter

You'll never come out of it

I never believed the drs or nurse's when they said if you keep doing drugs you'll never come out of it. Meaning, the hallucinatory part. ... Read Chapter


Which brings me to today. Clean and sober in an independent living home. Good eating habits. Clear goals. A fighting spirit. I take care ... Read Chapter