Sexual Sickness

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Featured Review on this writing by Devin Shane

Forbidden Fruit is define as something that is desired, that all the more because it is not allowed. When the forbidden fruit's essences seep into your life, full of toxic nectar and stings your
taste bud, all the more wanted more that is not yours. Loving everything about the forbidden, yet the forbidden has no love for you.

*For all of my readers, this is my first story and I have been working on it faithfully for about a two years now. Writing is a hobby of mines and I love to just write what ever comes to mind.
Also, this story is an urban fiction so please be aware of certain vulgar languages and terms used. They are not used to offend anyone. The chapters posted is not even half of what I've already
written. Please let me know if you love the story and I will post the remaining chapters as well as add more to the story. Enjoy <3*

Table of Contents

Sexual Sickness

Please ignore the grammatical errors and allow the flow of the story as the characters take you with them on their journey.
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 I can honestly say that I love my husband. We've been together for a little over three years now. Three years married, four in tota... Read Chapter

End Of Year

It was almost the end of the year and Shai and I still haven't talked like that since that night. Ever since then, he's been on... Read Chapter

There's Nothing Like the First Time...

Friday finally came and Tyson's party started around 9 at his parent's penthouse a few miles from where he lived and about an h... Read Chapter

First Time Aftermath

After a few minutes of having my head in the toilet, whimpering from the pain I was feeling in between my legs and what just happened to ... Read Chapter

If it were a dream...

Chapter 5 is a little short due to the first few chapters are mixed with the characters back stories and for the reader to get a feel of who this character is.
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 Ever since the party, I felt my peers’ eyes staring me down as I walked the halls. Whispering and gawking to one another, obvious... Read Chapter


Graduation finally came and the graduating class was standing outside in our cap and gowns ready to enter the auditorium. “Oh my Go... Read Chapter

Now What?

I can’t remember the last time my eyes have been dry. I’ve cried so many times since that horrible nigh at the house party.... Read Chapter


For the next few days, Ms. Angie kept her promise of teaching me a few things when it comes to beauty so I cannot only help around the sh... Read Chapter


I woke up the following morning right before my alarm went off and I felt well rested. After I used my vibrator I felt a lot better, even... Read Chapter

New Flame??

The next morning I was awakened by some creaking and soft moans. The sunshine in between my curtains and slightly brightened my room. Sti... Read Chapter

Growing interest...

Within the next few hours, Chloe and I were awake and getting ready to head out for temporary job hunting. As much as I didn’t want to ... Read Chapter

First Date...Me?

Chloe and I started working at the shop and we honestly felt right at home in no time. For the first few days, Jerome showed Chloe a styl... Read Chapter

Pop!! Goes the cherry...

 The days felt like they were going by so slow as I anticipated the dinner date between Travis and I. We continued to talk to one an... Read Chapter


Travis had me shook! Throughout the whole day, I was thinking about this man and the things that he could do and that I wanted him to do ... Read Chapter

The Date Must Go On!

The next morning, Jerome approached me while I was in the front with Jojo, gossiping about a few guys he’s talking to on the dating app... Read Chapter


The following day after work, I told Chloe that I wanted to stay behind to get a head start of running the shop rather than wai... Read Chapter


He's not just my lover. He's my master. My Daddy
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Yes, Daddy

The sun crept in between the curtains and a soft breeze entered through the openings of the window. My body felt limp and I couldn’t co... Read Chapter

I am not my Own

For the next few weeks, Daddy and I have been seeing each other constantly and the sex was almost non-stop. I was engulfed in his presenc... Read Chapter

Can of Worms

For the next few months, Ava and I kept our relationship a secret from Travis and everyone else. I was juggling between satisfying Travis... Read Chapter