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so i met my half brother for the first time today since i was 3 in a half so i'm happy and the last two lines of the story was what he told me and what i repeated back to him and what we meant by that was we will never ever lose contact with each other ever again!

Submitted: January 01, 2012

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Submitted: January 01, 2012



i cant believe it was today

my mom, well our mom said we had to stop somewhere on the way to my aunts

we pulled into a driveway that said mcausland school

then she called someone and said we are here

then a young boy who looks like my brother tony walked out

i got out of the truck and ran to you and hugged you till mom pulled me off

you also hugged back and told me to never leave

when i saw you walk out of the house i knew exactly who you were

because you were my older brother dylan and you are now 19

im so glad that ive finaly met you

it has been so long

weve talked on the phone and weve been trying to plan a day to meet up

but it never happened

mom decided that you could go with us but then she said no because it would be to tense for you to understand

we stayed there for an hour and you showed me around

we walked to your room were we hung out and were you sprayed me with ax

i was so glad to have you, to see you, to be able to hug you again

i was so glad to have you back in my life

like it was before they made us split for life

im so glad to see you and im so glad to be with you

"i promise to never leave you

ever and ever again"

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