RITHIN-A (si???vio)lent life

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Rithin::::::heart for priya

First crush like first birth

Submitted: November 04, 2013

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Submitted: November 04, 2013



Rithin unable to lead his life due to his first crush

Rithin::::::heart  forpriya

I cant forget those days with her ....its still in my little heart as frananceof jasmine..


I tried to erase her from from my shadows but all the times  i badly failed within a second.

I closed my eyes but she is playing hide and seek in  my eyes .

i cried and tears still not drained till my tear galnd refused to drop the last drop from my eyes

i never thought she wont be mine and i stil unable to believe the reality

the fate of my love faded as her foot prints alone remaining in my seashore of tears

i never went to bar and i wont addict myself to anyone except her,,

i m not blaming her for the fate and i m not blabbering for my fault

i like the moments and i m living in the moments

i like u so i m living u in my moments in my mind

i dont consider u as separate from me ...so i dont want another life to live with u...

i m transcend state whenever i think of u....

i still remembered the words written by some annonymous person in themagazine..

it goes with similar meaning...

“pookalin  manam kuraivadhilai

thenienn mesai paduvathall!!!!

Pookalin  ethalin vannan Maruvathilai

  thenien ethal paduvathal!!!!....

Its brilliant versus i enjoyedthe literal meaning . of the author .i think he must  lost himself in love like me with someone....



How i can forgot the  moment my brain captured her image ,,,,,,,,,,

When i saw her for the fist time ...i last myself

I dono wat happen to myself>>>>>>  within a fraction of second,,,some chemical reaction took place  within me and i lost myself within her

An till now my blood my cell and al parts is living for her, for her words, for her eyes, for her glance and so on........................ i m searching myself

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