24 Hours Ago: 1st Addition

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When the world seems so peaceful to Sergeant Major Carol Raymond but when the base calls to tell her to report, she is rushes her twin nephew and niece and her sister-in-law to the base to leave the planet so the squads can figure out what the astroeid is.

Submitted: November 01, 2011

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Submitted: November 01, 2011



I looked up from my gardening at the laughing coming from my seven-year-olds nephew and niece as they rode their bikes down the sidewalk towards my two story white house. The newly furnished porch was white as if it was covered by snow during the winter and brought out the red door and American flag. A white picket fence surrounded the front yard with a dirt path going up to the ten, wide step staircase. Colorful flowers and trees bordered the side of the fencing and green grass, soft as if it was made out of silk lied in the places where the flowers weren’t growing. From blue Hydrangeas to Fragrant Lilac bushes. Glossy Abelias to white and yellow Azaleas Mollis Hybrid flowers.

Three windows above the porch had the glass open and curtains blowing in the nice breeze. Red shutters were on either side of the windows, over looking the road. Yellow Birches were on either side of the road, letting their yellow leaves drop from dieing. For a fall day, it was warm.

They stopped their bikes at my white picket fence and came through the open gate. Some of my hair came out of my French braid while I was gardening. My silver, single cab, eight-foot bed pickup was parked in the driveway. “Aunt Carol. I learned how to ride!” my blonde hair niece told me.

“Good job.” I walked over to them and gave them each a kiss on their foreheads when my cell phone started ringing. “Give me a few moments guys.” I said pulling out my cell phone from my grungy jeans. I looked at the caller ID and saw it was Sergeant Mike Olson from my squad. “Sergeant Major Carol Raymond.”

I had been in the army for fifteen years. My mother didn’t like it and neither did my sister-in-law. My brother had gotten into the army when he was about twenty-years-old and had to pay the moorage. He also had to take care of Linda to take care of Travis William Raymond who was on the way.

“Report back to base.” Sergeant Olson’s voice told me harshly. Usually he wouldn’t give me commands since he was a lower rank, but with the command in his voice, I knew that this was an emergency.

“What’s going on?”

“Turn on 9news. You’ll find out.” I heard Mike disconnect from the other side of the line.

“Guys, inside know. Flip on 9news!” I ordered as they set their bikes down and ran around the yard, going around the potting soil and flowers. They ran upstairs with me closely following. We walked along to the door, passing a porch swing on our right with a small iron table with two iron chairs on either side of the table.

I looked at the sixty-inch flat screen TV. I saw a launch being done at the airport. “We have seventy-two hours to evict the entire country,” a woman’s voice shouted over the Space Ships’ engines. “Around the country is being evacuated to the moon base and the many space stations around the world. What seemed to be Earthquakes are a giant meteoroid just landed two hundred miles from Fort Carson. The Base has picked up movement activity within the meteorites. Everybody is being evact so fast that some don’t even have seats on the Space Shuttles to the Moon Base or to Ship 1583 waiting just outside of Earth’s atmosphere.

“For all military personal. Go to base with your family. Get them onto a ship and then get into the battle. The Sergeant Major of the Army is commanding but keeping secret of the battle. Tom, what has the president told the people?”

The woman disappeared and a man behind a desk appeared. “The president has told everybody to stay calm but go into space to stay protected while squads 23 and 42 check out the alien-like-being.”

“Since when?” I asked going into the kitchen. “Turn on cartoons. I’ve got packing to do.” I walked up the stairs and went down the hallway. I went down to the third bedroom and grabbed my military backpack from my closet.


I quickly changed into my uniform and packed my bag full of ammo, guns, grenades and everything I needed when I went into battle. I had fixed my hair to stay. Travis and Honey quickly climbed into the bed while I marched down the stairs after locking the door.

Around us, all of the neighbors were placing their bags into the back of their cars or trucks. As I through the bag into the bed of my truck, I looked back up at my home, not knowing if I’ll ever see it again. The American flag was raised high and proud off my deck.

“See you when I get back.” I mumbled taking one last photo of the house in my brain. I realized that Honey and Travis had climbed out of the bed with a Polaroid camera in Travis’s hand. “Guys, you heard the news! Lets go!” I yelled at them while Linda raced down the sidewalk with two duffle bags and her purse.

“Carol, I need a ride with you to base.” She told me as she through her bags into the bed of my truck.

“Aunty Carol, can you take a picture of us for you when you fight?” Travis asked holding the camera up.

“Sure.” I took a photo of Linda, Honey and Travis and shook the instant photo.

A neighbor looked over his hedges and saw me taking a picture before he jumped over. His wife was in the army so he would watch my family while I was away fighting in the war. “Carol let me take a picture.” He said holding his hand out. I handed him the camera and went over to my family. I knelt down behind Travis; next to Linda. He took two pictures and gave one to Linda and one to me.

“Thanks Jake.” He hopped back over the fence and raced back into the house. Linda climbed in to the passengers seat while her kids climbed into the bed. I slammed the door and handed Travis the photos that they gave to me. “Cut these small so I can fit them into my pocket so any time I need to pull them out, I can.”

He took the photos as I backed us out. I drove down the road and pulled into my spot in the front. “Go get onto the Space Ship.” I told Linda. “Find my room on Ship 789 and stay there till I call.”

We parted after giving hugs and Travis gave me my pictures.

“Promise to come back to us.” Honey said looking at me as I hugged her.

Ever since Riley, my brother, had been in Iraq fighting the war, I had been like their second father, only more like a father-mother. “I promise.”

“Cross your heart?”

“Cross my heart.” I set her down and gave Travis a hug.

“You’ll comeback no madder what?”

“No madder what.” I let him go and went onto my sister-in-law.

“Be safe!” she told me.

“I will. Take care of them.” I watch them leave for the airfield and then quickly moved my ass to the debriefing room. My squad was set and ready to go to get this ass hole or what ever it was off our planet.

A Private male came in with news. He looked like he joined a year ago. “Squad 23. You will be on the front lines with Squad 42.”

“The Green squad?” Jimmy asked the Private.


“Any Riley Raymond?” I asked, hoping that he was still a Private First Class.

“I don’t know, Sergeant Major. You’ll have to take it up with Staff Sergeant Colt.”

“Go back to you squad.”

“Yes ma’am.” He said saluting me and then rushing back to his squad.

I turned back to my squad. “Alright. We don’t know what we’re facing. I want everybody to be one step ahead of the game.”

“Like Battle of L.A.?” Tony asked.

“Not so much. We will be working with Green Squad which means, respect how they do things. This may be the squad that my brother is in.”

“So don’t be rude to them?” Wyatt said joking.

“You better not, Private. He is a higher rank than you.”

“How much higher?”

I sighed. “That’s not to the point. We need to be focused on the mission. Let’s get going.”

We walked out of the debriefing room to two Bowing CH-46 Sea Knight Military Helicopters with their double engines ready and a man waiting for us at the bottom of one ramp.

“You going to hurry up, cowgirl?”” The man shouted over the blades, balancing his M-16 over his shoulders. The voice was familiar.

“Army Dude!” I said hugging the man. “What the hell got you up?” I noticed the Corporal badge on his arm. “You are one hell of an ass hole.”

“I know, sis. But lets get our families back onto Earth! I can’t wait to see my wife and beautiful kids.” He told me as he linked his arm over my shoulders as we walked up the ramp after my squad entered the helicopter.

I started pulling out my small book of my messages to my mother when the photos fell out of my pocket and landed at the feet of one of the men in my brother’s squad.

“Sergeant Major, you dropped these.” He said passing the photos to me.

“Thanks.” I said taking the photos. I noticed Riley noticed the photos. “Have your wife and kids.”

“I want the one with you and my family.”

“I was your family a long time before that little bro!” I said slapping him on the shoulder before giving the photo.

“Mom told me to look out for you.”

“And mom told me to look out for you because you haven’t been here long enough to stay alive.”

It was ten minutes before the Staff Sergeant of the Green squad stood up. “Listen up. We’re five minutes out. This is Sergeant Major Raymond. She’s been in the army for fifteen years and knows what she’s talking about. She’s brought more people home than probably any of you. What she says goes. We are lucky to have her here with us to help us win this battle, or bring us all home after we find out if this is a real threat.”

An explosion outside of the window from a missed missile or whatever kind of weapon it was. “Pilot! What the hell just happened?”

“Missile fire-but it was blue.” The female answered back.

“Land us and fast!”

“We can’t ma’am! There are too many bushes!”

“Damn. Everybody ropes, now!” I commanded. “Private, open the door!”

I watched as everybody propelled down from the door until it came to Riley and the man who handed me back my pictures. “Alex, if anything happens to me, I want you to watch my sister on the mission! Do you understand?”

The man looked at me for a moment and then back to my brother. “Yes sir!”

“Let’s go boys!” I shouted. They quickly came forward and Alex propelled down.

“Time to take them down Cowgirl.” He slid down to the ground with me following.

I leveled my own M-16 with everybody else doing the same. “Sergeant, any casualties?”

“None so far. Everybody accounted for?” Everybody nodded and the Sergeant turned back to me.

“Stay low. Everybody comes home, dead or alive. Keep eyes out for civilians and each other. I want you to pair up or be in triplets. I don’t want anybody to be separated in these woods or killed without anybody knowing. Call in every five to ten minutes.”

“Yes sir!” They all said saluting.

“Let’s move out.”

We quickly spread out, grouping together. I heard Army Dude and Alex walking behind me.

After walking about a good hour, I stopped us to take a water brake.

“We should have been at the target by now.” Staff Sergeant told me.

“What’s your name?”

“Amanda, ma’am. But everybody calls me Amy.”

I looked at my GPS on my wrist. We were probably another one mile away from the asteroid. “One more click. Let’s move.” I said standing up. I put my M-16 strap over my shoulder. Everybody stood up and moved out again.

Twenty minutes passed.

We arrived at a small village of Indians. I had studied the Cherokee language in high school as well as Spanish and kept on practicing them even though I wouldn’t need it anytime soon.

The Chief walked up to me and started talking Cherokee as I pulled my gun behind me. “Welcome, and how shall we help?”

I cleared my throat, hoping that I could remember a word to say. “We come look at rock.”

“You speak fluently. Rock no harm.” He told me crossing his arms across his torso.

“I practice.”

“Cowgirl, what did he say?” Riley asked.

“The rock causes no harm.” I said turning. I turned back to the chief. “Name Cowgirl. Come from east.”

“Rock no harm.” He told me, putting his foot down.

“Watch this.” I heard Terry tell one of the Green Squad personal.

“It’s safe if we-our group-make sure that the rock is safe.”

He turned to the wise elder, standing behind him.

She looked me over, thinking of if she should agree with me. “Warrior girl and friends defend us.” She told me.

I only turned my head to shake to say yes but quickly turned back to the Chief. “Thank you.” I turned back to the squad. “Set a perimeter around the asteroid.” I told them in English. 


We set up camp after a few minutes. The Indian children walked up to us and asked one of the men many questions in their native language. “They’re asking why you have a gun when it’s just a rock.” I told the Private.

“Could you tell them?” the girl asked. The children looked at me.

“Safety procotions.” I replied in their language. Even though the children were schooled at a local English school, they were to be only speaking Cherokee around their village.

The Chief and the elder wondered why we needed so much technology to film the rock.


The green squad was about to go to sleep when the ground shook. I was in the main hut when it shook. I pulled up my M-16 from the wooden table and pulled the strap over my shoulder and raced outside with the Chief close behind me but the elder watched from the doorway. Private Jessica Johnson quickly came up to me with her iPad. “It wasn’t an earthquake. Something much stronger.” I looked at the readings and knew that this would be stronger than a ten pointer.

“Scopes!” I shouted. The Green squad Staff Sergeant pulled out her short, stubby lenses with one eyehole. I pulled mine out of my side pouch, connected to my pants.

“Six figures, Major!” shouted Alex. “Alien-human like forms are fighting inside.”

“Orders Major!” Staff Sergeant asked.

“Spread out in triplets. Whatever the hell it is, we need to make sure...” Before I could finish, the top of the asteroid exploded open and a man came shooting out, landing fifty yards from our combined squad. A normal man would have died when he landed but this man stood up, trying to balance on his weak legs.

His outfit wasn’t like the 2030 clothing but it told us that he wasn’t an alien, but a normal human being with super powers from a comic book back in 2015.

Our attention returned to the asteroid when more yells were let out, this times three other people came hurtling towards us. We all dove to one side but when we looked back up at the asteroid, we saw not an alien but a man ten times the average height of a normal man emerging from the asteroid. He had one eye and a small mouth, too small for his face or body. Brown cloth pants covered his legs but he didn’t have any shoes or shirt.

“Chief Little Bear, get your people out of here now!” I shouted, not thinking about talking in their native tongue.

He must of understood me because he shouted commands and his people emerged from their homes and raced away from the village, farther East to safe ground.


To Be Continued...

© Copyright 2018 JJ Jacob. All rights reserved.

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