Danger of a Fedral Woman

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JJ Chestnut is a former Corporal, FBI agent and recently NCIS agent transfored from Washington DC to Los Angeles, California. Her old team calls her when it's her first day telling her that her sister was found dead in a Navy port in DC, her new team and her rush to find out who killed her sister.

Submitted: December 04, 2011

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Submitted: December 04, 2011



Twenty-seven-year-old JJ Chestnut walked through NCIS building in Los Angeles with a black bag strapped over her shoulder. She rounded the corner to find a black male sitting next to a man with an empty spot next to him. Across the small area with a female agent with her long brown hair in a high ponytail and a male agent with a tight black tee shirt.
Her shoulder length hair was in French braid with a blue tee shirt tucked into her blue jeans and brown cowboy boots under the boot cut jeans. She wasn’t like the usual NCIS agent but stronger than many females. “Ah you made it.” A voice said behind her. She turned to find a small woman behind her.
“Yes ma’am.”
“Everybody, this is JJ Chestnut. She transferred from Washington D.C. from Gibbs’s team.”
They looked at the empty spot and then back at JJ. “Is that why you have the empty desk?” the black male asked.
“That is why Mr. Amy. Miss Chestnut, you can set up.”
“Yes ma’am.” She slowly walked to the empty desk and placed her bag down. An in-box sat on the corner of her desk under a desk light. Out of the front of her brief case, she pulled out a photo of her sister, her brother-in-law and their seven-year-old daughter sitting on a beach. She pulled out a second a second photo of her nine-year-old nephew on a horse. She had brought in the nephew when his parents died in a car crash. A black laptop was set on the desk as she sat down in the chair.
“Former Military?” the black male asked.
“Yes. Corporal before I got shot. Moved out of the Military into NCIS to help my country without being in danger everyday but hell lot of paper work. I became a Senior Field Agent within three months.” She looked at Amy. “Sam Amy. Ex-military personal.” She said to the black man.
“Try me,” the female told her, smiling.
“Kensi Blye, you’re from a Marine Corps family and an only child. And you see your father every weekend. He taught you everything a father and son would know. And you’ve had failing relationships.” JJ said whipping the smile off her face.
JJ looked over at the man she hadn’t said about his pass.
“I’m not going into this.”
“Something simple. Just name and a thing from your pass.”
“G. Callen. You don’t know your past.” She told the man beside Kensi.
“How do you know all of this?” the male sitting beside Kensi asked.
“I had McGee look up your background information and print it out.”
“And McGee is?”
“The youngest team member on the Gibbs team.”
“Who’s Gibbs?” Kensi asked.
“The Washington D.C. NCIS team.” A man in the entrance of desks said. “Case came in. Taylor C. McCormick has been kidnapped and her husband has been ordered to send a million dollars or he’ll never see his wife alive.”
“What about their daughter?” JJ asked.
“She wasn’t at school today.”
“She doesn’t have school until this afternoon. She’s a kindergarten student and doesn’t have morning school.” JJ quickly pulled out her cell phone and dialed her niece’s cell phone number. She placed the iPhone to her ear. “Come on. Pick up. Pick up.”
“JJ. What’s up?” Amy asked. The phone began to ring on his desk. “Hello.”
“Is Jeneva Chestnut there? This is Special Agent McGee,” a young man asked.
“No sorry.”
He could hear the man’s voice ask people in the background. “What do Jeneva’s friends call her?”
“JJ” another man’s voice said in the background.
“Correction. Is there a JJ Chestnut?”
“Yes.” He placed the phone onto his shoulder. “JJ. Somebody’s on the line for you.”
“Tell McGee to hold on a minute.” She told Amy.
“Could you put her on? It’s important.” McGee told Amy over the phone.
“JJ, he wants you on the line now.”
“Tell him I’ll call him later.” She walked out of the small area as she pressed numbers on her phone.
“Taylor’s daughter is JJ’s niece. She’s been taking care of her ever since her niece’s parents are in the Military. The mother arrived last week from Iraq and the father arrived back two nights ago. JJ gets full custody of the children so they’ll be able to see their kid and have a full time parent. They’re in the same squad. She also took in her dead brother’s son three-years-ago after they died in a car accident.” Eric said.
“She’s not picking up.” Her own office phone began to ring. “What do you want McGee?”
“It’s Gibbs. What’s happening out there? Leo is telling me that your sister is missing.”
“I’ve got to check on Rick and Amy. Would you give me an hour...two hours to call ya’ back. Tell Leon that I’ll talk to him if I have to for you to get off my ass right now.”
“Alright. Do what ever you need to but call back.”
“Don’t you have a case Gibbs?”
“Looks like I do.”
She slammed the phone down and dug her keys out her front pocket. She quickly walked outside.
“Kensi, go with her.” Callen said.
Kensi quickly walked outside, following JJ.
“Where we going?” Kensi asked climbing into her truck.
“To the daycare.” She tore out of the street and on to the main road.
She cranked her wheel into daycare parking lot. She quickly climbed out after turning off the car and taking the keys out of the ignition and ran inside. A young girl sat behind the desk in the front lobby. “JJ. Amy just came in.”
“Cathy. Did she have her cell?”
“No. She said it wasn’t charged. Rick came in with Amy but walked to school.”
“Did he have his cell phone?”
“Yes. Something up.”
“I’m going to drive Amy to school. Could you get her?”
“Sure thing.” She stood up and walked into the back room. She came back out with a young girl in her arms. The young girl was rubbing one of her eyes. “She just woke up from her morning nap. She came in pretty bright. She said she was bored at home after you left.” Cathy told JJ as she rubbed Amy’s belly.
“Come here baby girl.” JJ said holding out her arms. Amy leaned over into JJ’s arms and hooked her arms around JJ’s neck. “Hey. I’m going have Heather pick you up after school. Okay baby girl?”
“Mmmm.” She whined as JJ set her down. Cathy took Amy’s hand.
“Make sure that nobody comes to pick her up. Only myself or Heather.”
“Sure thing. I’ll make sure of it myself.”
“Thanks Cathy.” She walked out with Kensi following her.
The agents walked down the path to JJ’s truck and out side of the daycare perimeter. JJ went to the driver seat door while Kensi went around to the passenger’s door.
“You sure know a lot about children.”
“My sister and her husband joined the military. I took on the responsibility of Amy before I took in Rick. Now it’s time to check on Rick.”
“I don’t care what your policy is! Has anybody come in to see him?”
“But Miss. Chestnut, we can’t...”
“Do I have to go storming into his class to see if anybody is there who isn’t suppose to be? I’m with NCIS.”
“Miss Chestnut. A man has already come in to see him from your government.”
“Lisle, tell me who it is. Is their last names either Gibbs, McGee, DiNozzo or NCIS Director Leon Vance?”
“No ma’am. It was a man named Bud Kliver with NCIS.”
“There isn’t a man named Bud Kliver in NCIS, at least L.A.”
“There was one named in D.C. But he was a traitor. We arrested him and some how he got out of prison.” JJ looked at her. “Put on the Lock Down sequence. Now Lisle! No alarm, just the Lock Down! Only NCIS and police.”
“Yes ma’am.”
“Kensi, call Callen and Hanna and tell them to meet us here with LPD. I’m going to go see if he’s got Rick.” JJ said pulling her 9-millimeter out of her holster. She ran down the hallway towards Rick’s classroom. A teacher came out into the hallway. “Get back in your room!” JJ showed the teacher her badge before moving further down the hallway. She looked through the window and saw a man standing next to the teacher. She quickly hid the gun behind her back with her other hand over her.
She entered the room to find a man standing in the front next to the female teacher. “Miss Chestnut. What are you doing here?” the teacher asked.
“Came to check on my old partner to see how he was doing. He left the office before I could possibly talk to him.”
“It’s JJ now, like’s it’s always been. Can we talk for a moment outside Bud?”
“I’ll be back.” JJ stepped into the classroom and to the side closest to the Erase Board making sure that she kept her gun hidden. The tall man walked past her and out into the hallway. She turned and quickly walked out, closing the door. She pulled the gun out from behind her back and pointed it at his heart.

Chapter 2
“Don’t even try to move traitor. One goes in your heart and the other in your brain. I would love to kill you for what you did to Thompson and Jerry. Get up against the wall and put your hands behind you’re back.” JJ commanded.
“You haven’t changed Jeneva.”
“It’s not the same as two-years-ago.”
“Shut your mouth ass hole.” She shoved him against the wall and hand cuffed one hand.
“Your under arrest ass hole.”
“I don’t think so Agent Chestnut.” He quickly shoved her against the other wall and made her fall to the ground. She became unconscious when she hit the ground. “I’m sorry Jeneva.”
“Move a muscle and you’ll get a bullet in the head.” Kensi said from behind him with her own gun at his head. “Put your hands behind your back like the Senior Field Agent said.”
In the front, Callen and Hanna asked Lisle where JJ and Kensi were. They rushed to find JJ on the ground and Kensi finishing cuffing man. Hanna went over to Kensi to help finish hand cuffing them. Callen went over to JJ and patted her shoulder. “JJ, your nephew is safe. Wake up.” She slowly opened her eyes to find Callen looking over her.
“What? Where’s Rick?”
“Still in the classroom. Kensi’s going to go in to tell the class what the noise was out here.”
“I should probably do it.” She said starting to stand up, bracing her hand against the wall.
“You’ve always been a tough chick.” Bud said.
“Shut up! Get him out of here Sam before I kick this bastard’s ass.”
“Sure thing.” Bud was shoved out of hallway towards the lobby.
“You’re bleeding.” Callen told her as he looked at her forehead at the large gash having blood coming down he face, around her eye and towards her chin.
“Damn bastard. Hey can never leave somebody without blood on his hands.”
“Your lucky. He could have killed you. McGee told me to tell you to call him when you get back to the office.”
“Great. Thanks.”
A nine-year-old boy ran out of the classroom and over to the bleeding woman. “Mom, you alright?”
“Yes sweetie. Go back to class. I’ll have Heather pick you up.”
“Yes ma’am.” He went back into the classroom and Kensi came back out.
“We should get you to the hospital.”
“Just need a bandage and Lanacane.”
“It looks like you’ll need stitches.” Kensi said looking at her gash. “And I’m taking you.”
“Hetty wants your old colleges to stop calling the office.” Callen told her as Kensi pulled her towards the door.
“I don’t need stitches doc.” JJ told the male doctor examining her. Her gun was behind her, out of her holster and the magazine out with the safety on.
His hands whipped blood away from her wound with a sterilized cloth. “Try telling that to your boss. This is your second time being here for a cut.”
“This was from the job, not a person assaulting me with a knife.”
“That was still on the job when your DiNozzo made you come.”
“What do you mean?” Kensi asked.
“Gibbs sent her down here for a case with DiNozzo and she gets caught in a gang fight. And he had made her come.” He looked her after stitching her forehead. “How’s the other wound?”
“I haven’t checked them since them since this morning.”
“JJ, what did I tell you? You have to clean them twice a day and put a fresh bandage on.”
“This morning was busy.”
“Come on. Show me,” the doctor told her as he pulled the curtain closed. JJ untucked her shirt and pulled it up to show a large bandage from last night around her waist and stomach. The doctor picked up some scissors and cut the old bandages off to swollen wounds.
“They’re swollen. I thought DiNozzo or your examiner would check them to make sure that you don’t have infections.”
“He’s back in D.C. and I’m not having him check me.”
“I’ll have to give you a antibiotic and I’ll have to rebandage your wounds.”
“Yes sir.” She got of the examination table and stood up. He took out a long bandage, tape and gauze pads out of the small moving cart. He tapped the gauze pads over the wounds and used the cloth bandage to wrap the pads so they would stay. He took out a needle with an antibiotic out and stuck it into her arm. “Thanks Doctor Shoran.”
“I don’t want to see you in here soon. Wait a couple of months and maybe a year.”
JJ tucked her shirt in to her jeans again. “Yes sir.”
“I’ll make sure that she doesn’t come in any time soon.” Kensi assured the doctor.
“See you when you get injured again.”
“That will be a long time.” JJ said placing her magazine back into the gun and back in to her holster while her doctor walked out. They walked out to the truck and climbed in.
“I don’t see why I can’t drive.” JJ told her new partner as Kensi pulled out on the main road.
“Because you just had an injury and the guys would pretty much kill me.”
“I was stabbed before.”
“But that’s not the same as a head injury.”
As JJ sat down at her desk cell phone began to ring. “Chestnut speaking.”
“Jeneva, are you sitting down?” a female’s voice asked.
“Yes Ziva. Spit it out. And tell DiNozzo to step back from the phone. He’s breathing into it and it sounds like he’s sick.”
“It’s the whole team.” Gibbs said on the other line.
“Tell him to back away. And give him a hit on the head for me.”
“You can do that yourself.”
Jeneva looked down at her photo of her sister. “Gibbs. Don’t be trying to anything...”
“Hate to bring this up, but your sister’s body was found dead in a coffin at the harbor.”
“Which harbor? If I have to strangle it out of...”
“US Army Reserve Depot.”
“How the hell did Taylor get from California to Washington D.C.?” The three agents looked at her from their laptops.
“Abs says she was kidnapped a week ago.” McGee said into Ziva’s office phone.
“I’ll book a flight to D.C. for tomorrow morning.”
“We already did. I’ll be there to pick you up.” DiNozzo said.
“I’d rather have McGee or Ziva if you’re sick to pick me up.”
“I’ll be fine by tomorrow.”
JJ tried to relax by leaning back in her chair but kept her back off the back of the chair. “Did you catch him?”
“Actually a her.”
“What?” She leaned forward.
“JJ. What’s wrong?” Kensi asked looking at her.
“You’ve got a flight at six tomorrow and you arrive here by eleven.”
“Yes sir.”
“Where’s her husband now?” Ziva asked.
“At his office probably.”
“Go get him and arrest him. The woman just gave his name up for him wanting Taylor dead. He ordered the hit on your sister.”
“I’m right on it.” She hung up her cell phone and placed it on the desk. She quickly stood up and started walking towards the doors.
“JJ?” Callen asked.
“They just found Taylor’s body at the US Army Reserve Depot and they got the killer who placed her in the coffin. I’m suppose to be out there by tomorrow but my brother-in-law was a damn ass if he thought that he could get away with killing my sister.”
Callen, Hanna and Kensi quickly followed her out of the building. “Could you at least tell us who gave you this information?” Hanna asked.
“Either of you get in my way, I’ll put you to the ground like you won’t believe it. I’ve been in a lot of services more than you have. So let me have at least one punch at him for putting my sister in danger.”
JJ quickly pulled her door open and climbed in. “You’re riding with her.” Hanna told Callen.
“Come on Sam.”
“I would watch how you tell her things.” Kensi told him as she walked over to Hanna’s Camaro.
Callen climbed quickly into JJ’s pick up before she took off down the street. Hanna and Kensi followed JJ in to the Navy yard and up to a building. JJ made the pick up come to a yanking stop and climbed out, leaving the keys in her ignition but the engine turned off. The other agents followed her into the small building on the Navy base at the harbor. She stopped at the door. “Jerry, open up. It’s Jeneva.”
“What do you want?” he asked. She heard a giggle from a woman inside. A giggle that she knew well.
“Open up.”
“No please or cookies?”
“I’m not asking.”
“Give me a few seconds.”
“One, two, three.” JJ kicked the door open to find her brother-in-law with a woman who worked as their babysitter sitting on the desk.
“What the hell JJ?”
“Get down on the ground!” The babysitter quickly jumped off the desk. “Jerry, I’ll shot you right in the head if you don’t get your ass off of the chair.” JJ said walking around to Jerry’s side, pointing the gun at his head.
“You’re a bitch. You’re a bitch! You’ll get fired when they hear about you placing a Corporal in Jail for no reason.”
“Shut up bastard. The Jury won't give time to think about you if you hired somebody to kill your wife and then paying for the coffin to show up on a Navy base." JJ yanked him down to the ground and hand cuffed him. "You're so lucky my team are here or I would have shoot you in the head right here and now."
"Take it easy JJ. We want him alive." Kensi said as she helped JJ lift Jerry off the ground.
"They don't know you were an FBI agent in D.C." Jerry said as they placed him in the police car.
"They know all they need to know about me. I knew one day you would cheat on Taylor."
"She's dead. So technically I'm not cheating on her."
"Shut up. Get him out of here."
The police car drove off, leaving JJ answer to her new team.
"You were in the FBI?" Callen asked.
"On;ly for a short time. About a year or two before going into NCIS."
"That's a long time. Not a short while." Hanna said looking at her.
"We'll, I'm sorry for putting you off with the wrong idea. But maybe you should trust a team member who say's they've been in a lot more goverment services than you." She walked over to her pick up and leaned against the truck's side door.
"You should go talk to her." Hanna told Kensi.
"Why me? You were in the military and you'll understand him loosing a friend or family."
"Friends. Not family."
"How about your parents?"
"I'm out of this." Hanna said looking over to Kensi.
"So am I." Kensi and Hanna looked over at Callen.
"This is insan." Callen said starting to walk over to the agent.
"Have you ever wondered how people can kill each other for no reason or bilefs?" JJ asked Callen when he got closer to her.
"Revenge or just out of cold blood."
"How can somebody kill my sister though? She was a good soilder. Did what her country told her and made suggestions if her commanding officer needed help planning an attack. Then her husband desides that she isn't good enough and wants her dead after fifteen-years of being married with an eight-year-old." She looked at the harbor. "Divorce would be much eaiser and less messer than murder. And easier on the kid."

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