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Submitted: January 31, 2009

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Submitted: January 31, 2009



Firstly I would like to thank each and every person which entered the competition and I enjoyed reading through the entries. On this page I will post third to first place and say why each one got their place.



with the Horny


My horns are akin to knives that I use for slaughtering trespassers.As their blood drips down my hardened skin, I become red with the fury of death and murder; my outer shell a burgundy, calloused sheath.I have spikes surrounding my horns so that the more a victim flails, the more their body winds around my horns and onto my awaiting spikes.My eyes are maggots, crawling in and out of the sockets.Trespassers assume I cannot see but the maggots, do the seeing for me.After I’ve skewered an unsuspecting victim I devour them.Their bile turns into saliva that drips from my frothing tongue.My mouth is gaping and full of teeth like a shark; if one gets pulled out, I simply grow a replacement.My body is 8 feet tall and I am slumped over due to the weight of my horns.I have a tail but it is not like Lucifer’s.Instead it is short, stumpy you might say, and at the end of it protrudes the face of the first man I ate, his mouth twisted in horror.I have no arms, who needs them when you have menacing horns.

Why is this third?

I liked the way see used the 'maggots' during it however I couldn't imagaine what it truly looked like except a human shaped creature with spikes and maggots crawling all over. Good imagery just shame you didn't spend longer on how it looked



No-one knows where this creature came from, but its body is well adapted to city life – or more appropriately, to destroying it.

Its head is horrific and terrifying. Its mouth is lined with fangs, and its lower jaw is split in half. When it produces its harsh screaming call, these segments swing from side to side disgustingly. It slobbers constantly, and a stream of saliva dribbles from it constantly. It has no eyes, yet its senses of smell and hearing can track other creatures far better than any human’s eyesight.

Its body is serpentine and lithe, excellent for twisting its way around buildings and other obstacles. Its sides are lined with bony legs, at least half a dozen pairs. With these, the largest can scramble even up the sides of skyscrapers with lightning speed.

Alone, this creature would be terrifying, yet it does not hunt alone. On the back of one huge creature crawl a swarm of its hatchlings, all baying for the taste of blood.

As it crawls, the building beneath its feet echoes with its footsteps. Some think this gives its victims a warning, but they are wrong. If you hear the footsteps, you are already dead.

Why is it second? I think Matthu described this very well especially in the second paragraph if he did taht throughout he would of won however the last two paragraphs seem to destroy what Matthu was trying to achieve with him adding on whatever he thought would make it scarier and not proberly explaining it. This idea is rather like Cloverfield mixed with Stitch from Lilo and Stitch but it is good enough to gain second place.


IS DrayDray with this;

It’s skin was moist and wrinkled with chapped lips it sputtered out screwed up animal sounds. No one could tell if it was a girl or a guy so they all named it ‘It’ or ‘The Thing.’ The Thing’s hair stuck to the back of it’s head from oil and sweat that dribbled down every side of it’s body. Boils, pimples, and warts were placed all around its face and back oozing pus and slimes that smelled of the sewers. It had such a hunched back that it’s foot long purple tongue smothered the floor with saliva and more pus. Knarled fingers with twisted nails scrapped the ground as it moaned while picking it’s nose and vomiting across the floor. The swelled up face of the thing tried lapping up it’s puke again and bathing in it while p-ing on the floor.

Why has it won?

While reading through this, even if it is not described too well, i gotanimage of an ugly creature vomiting and sweating and while the outline of what it looks like has been described the majority is leftfor the reading to think of. Iknow that AllisonHanks was in third for not describing properly but DrayDray allowed you to imagine what your scared of while giving it character. Well Done DrayDray.

Do you think the wrong people have won, please tell me.

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