Event Perspective Oldest Son

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

A poem about a recent hard time in my life, will not make for happy reading and it is based on true events yet the events are all fictional.

Oldest Son.

A Shoulder to lay your head on,
A person looking out for others,
Always keeping a loving eye on,
His sweet little Sisters and Brothers.
Trying to get a good start,
In a painstakingly difficult life,
Trying to get as far as possible,
Without hurting anyone else.
Then on a life changing day,
One that hurt so many people,
Both Physically and Mentally,
Because of the evil players.
He had to stand down and watch,
As the ones closest to him,
Got ripped cruelly from his life,
By the corruptness of society.
These services of evil,
Were there to help protect.
Yet they saw it in themselves,
To hurt them even more.
They ignored it when he spoke up,
About the cruelty of his father,
Who had hurt and controlled,
Everyone he could.
And they gave them to him,
His sisters,
And they looked in disgust,
To him and his mother.
He spoke to the policeman,
About the cruelty of his father,
But he decided not to stop it,
Because he said, he was too late.
Tears were shed by him.
By his brothers and his sisters,
And his caring mother, Yet his Uncle,
Carefully waited for his time.
His Uncle offered to take them,
To stop the cruelty of the father,
Hurting the sweet little girls,
They said no, for no reason.
But they let the Uncle,
Take his twin brothers and him,
To his house, to safety.
But away from his mother.
His mother who fought the father,
Who cheated and hurt us all,
His mother who had done nothing wrong,
Yet she was given all of the guilt.
The guilt that was past,
From the corrupt services,
Who should have had it,
And from the violent father.
He dreamt of this day,
In his nightmares,
He dreamt he could stop it,
But that wasn’t the case.
The Innocent will always get hurt the most.
Jj Morris

Submitted: August 31, 2008

© Copyright 2022 Jj Morris. All rights reserved.

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Jj Morris

Sorry there is meant to be a gap every 4 lines and the last two sentences including my name are by itself.

Sun, August 31st, 2008 8:50pm

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