The Outsiders: Inauguration Day (11 Days to go)

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I thought i may tie-in to Barack Obama's Inauguration Day today and introduce a mysterious character. For anyone for doesn't know Obama swears his oath today and moves into the White House i know he won it in November but in America it takes two months before he moves in.

Submitted: January 20, 2009

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Submitted: January 20, 2009



The Outsiders: Inauguration Day

“I do solemnly swear that,” Barack Obama kept himself composed he wanted to burst out into joy; hugging each and every American citizen but once this was done he had a job to do. “I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and will,” Obama knew he had gotten into office but that was just the first hurdle he know needed to sort this country out, economic crisis as well as a war on two fronts, a difficult task lay ahead. Obama glanced at the bible that Abraham Lincoln swore his oath on, it had happened, it had finally happened. “To the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” Washington erupted into a round of applause for him, a surreal reality surrounded him. ‘Yes we can’ he thought ‘Yes we have’. Obama looked out over the city, the streets were crammed with people of all ages from around the country. He gave a smile to the crowd and turned around to greet the former Presidents and his wife and children. He couldn’t of done it without them. Obama stood back on the podium ready to give his speech, the crowd were still roaring at him, at presumably will be for hours to come. “"It's a very important day. People really do get very emotional about it. Historians wax eloquent when they write about those moments," The words flowed into his mouth with ease and he spoke them and we listened. Obama was ready to be the forty-forth President of the United States.


Barack Obama walked down the corridors of his new home, it had been a long day today, the White House waited for his first night. He had left his wife with the children to give himself some breathing space. Every corner he turned another security guard came into view. He was about to spend at least four years with constant attention and not really a true moment alone. He thought he was prepared though. It was him who had disrupted his family’s way of life, they would be happen in a home in Chicago just being a normal family. They have no chance of that now. A man came beside him, he was bald and had a scar across his face as if he had been mauled by a tiger. He wore a gleaming white suit with a dark black tie. He looked at Obama and whispered into his ear.

“Broken Sand.” Obama looked at him with his eyes wide opened. He tried to speak but a brief sensation of fear came over him, he looked into the man’s green eyes, he tried to speak again this time with success.

“They exist then.” He spoke his head filled with thoughts yet he selected his words with precision.

“Oh yes.” the man said seemingly happy at his response, “They exist and we have known about them for a long time.”

“Roswell?” Obama feared the answer but he knew he would be told soon enough.

“Well yes that was one of the first major public sightings but no we’ve known about them for much longer than that.”

“How much longer?” Obama’s voice had become a whisper, he had hoped that they weren’t real, he was scared for once. A deep chill froze his spine.

“Well Thomas Jefferson was the first one to know they existed but Lincoln had the first encounter and they’re visits had been rising steadily since then.”

“Do we have an alien?”

“I’m sorry mister President but I don’t think that’s worded correctly. If you mean have we contacted them, it’s a yes and does one live on this planet, that’s a yes. I need to say mister President that I am an alien.”

“You’re an alien but you look human.” Obama was know in a state of shock and awe, I suppose he needed to know the second he got into the White House.

“Well I’ll leave that to you to ponder, I’ve been pondering years as well. You know it wasn’t until Truman that someone asked me that, shows you how the years go by.”

“That was fifty years ago, how old are you?”

“Now why would I give everything away on your first day but let me say this, each and every President to date has had this talk and until I-Day the President’s will continue to get the talk.” Obama just nodded. “Oh and we need to talk in more detail at a later date President Obama but just one more thing than I may niggle into your mind, don’t tell anyone. Full stop. You do know what happened to JFK don’t you. You get no more warnings the last thing I want is for some UFO freak to find out about me.” Obama stood still; stunned. The man, or alien as it seemed more likely, walked away. Obama just stood waiting for an incentive to move. The thing turned back around and smiled at him. “And mister President Obama, congratulations, you’ll last.”

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