No Death.

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There is nothing as Death, Death is just a mere fiction,the truth has finally been exposed in this writing.

Submitted: July 28, 2010

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Submitted: July 28, 2010



Life to Me in General is a repetition of itself and nothing absolutely new comes here. Things which have happened before come into play again and again but in different places and time which we are just not aware of. This has led me to believe that there is no such thing as Death.
Just as we transplant trees and plants from environs which we feel they aren’t needed to areas where they would be much more needed, The same goes for we humans.
God wants there to be a balance in life and in everything which happens on earth, so for him to create such a balance everything has to come with an opposite like, Man & Woman, Good & Bad, White & Black, Peace & Trouble, Godly and Ungodly.
Just as we know, life is everchanging and as a result of this God has to keep on modifying and remodifying everything in life and this includes him extracting us at different times and re-inserting us into life again but this time with our memories totally erased and a new appearance and a totally new purpose to life.
When we are taken, our fellow humans say we are Dead but in actual sense we aren’t we are just taken to another place (Country,State,County) to go balance something up, either the population, or the amount of murderers or something just to make it balanced so it’s either we are brought back to life or we have new beings being inserted into life just to keep life balanced.
You might be wondering if I am crazy right now as to what causes the change in life? Well here is a good enough answer for that question, When God pulls out one of us from life and takes us to patch a hole in another region of the world, a hole is immediately created but where it is created is not visible to God yet until after a while, this is because just like electrons would move about when they are charged so do we humans move about when we are charged and as a result of these movements the hole becomes visible and only then does God see it and tries to patch it again with either another existing guy or a new being entirely.
This all boils down to the fact that we are still the same people occupying the earth everywhere and God is Not As Perfect As We Think.

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