Memories Buried Under the Department Stores

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

A criminal explodes department stores. The detective and the police try to get him, by solving the riddle the criminal has given. Who would success?

 Memories buried under the department stores

“It’s almost time” A man said grinning evilly. There were all the people so noisy and excited buying things like audience in a circus waiting for it to start. “Not knowing what will happen in few minutes,” the man said, looking at the lense of his telescope. The man started to walk down the rusty stairs one step by one like a tightrope walker, his eyes fixed on his watch. “Eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one….” “BOOM!!!” Suddenly the department store right in front of the building he was in, collapsed like a tightrope walker falling down from the string. Right after the first one, two more blasts came continuously like dominos pushing another down. As the sound went, his smile got bigger and bigger. “Now the climax of the story” the man said and at the same time the department store at west from him completely became dusts in the air leaving it’s body for the wind to carry. Laughing out so loudly the man saw his friends in front of his eyes, smelling the rust from the old stair handrail. “I revenged. I revenged. I revenged for you and myself.” But shortly after his laughter became the sound of sobbing, he, tasting salty water coming out from his own eyes. “I wish you were here. See my beautiful art. Isn’t it fabulous? This is the most wonderful art I ever created. I wish you were here. I wish you were”. The man stayed there crouching, feeling the cold hard floor like his own heart.


Meanwhile, the siren of the police car was coming from the end of the street. The people that came out from the car was inspector Steven and investigator Edward. The inspector was very round that the people watching him were worried that he might roll down the street like a ball. On the contrary, investigator Edward was very thin but short like a pencil almost used up. From the other end of the street, a tall shadow got closer and closer like Daddy-Long-Legs. It was a man who had short hair that was neatly attached to the back of his head and was wearing a bag that was almost bursting out like pop corn. The man walked toward inspector Steven and said “Long time no see inspector. I hope you haven’t forgotten me, it’s me Henry the detective”. With a smile, inspector Steven greeted detective Henry. “Oh, Henry I’m so glad you’re here. This case has very huge scale. Four big and shiny department stores blown up in twenty seconds! What a crime”. Continuing the conversation they all walked in to the scene of the crime. Henry was almost crawling on the land looking at the little pieces like puzzles of the department store with a magnifying glass that he took out from his bag. Inspector Steven was rolling over on the land looking for footprints like a puppy acting cute in front of people . Different from those two, investigator Edward stared at the scene a little bit, made sparkling eyes for a second and went into the woods behind the scene. The detective and the inspector were absorbed at looking at the ground that they didn’t notice investigator Edward walking into the woods. Few minutes passed and finally Henry gave his first head up. “Inspector, you brought the identification section didn’t you?”. “Of course I didn’t. We are only here to look a little bit. The full powered investigation will start tomorrow,” Inspector Steven said. “Where’s investigator Edward, inspector?,” Henry asked. “Probably looking at the ground like us, don’t you think?” Inspector answered with an annoyed look. At that moment investigator Edward came running toward them. “Inspector, inspector. I found a whole pile of corpses,” he said. There were about a hundred people piled up. “Looks like we need to get the identification section starting today, don’t you think inspector?” Henry asked. “I don’t think I have a choice, Henry”. Inspector answered. So the identification section was divided into groups and each group went to different scenes and came back carrying all the bodies in trucks. The moon took the sun’s place with a silence and everyone went back to their home except for one person. The reflection of the figure shown from the moon was very thin but short. It moved into the scene that police was in, and scribbled on the land. And disappeared through the darkness of the night. The sun rose like a morning glory blooming and there were police in each scene of the crime already at work. Their eyes were all fixed on a certain part of the floor that was especially blotched. Which shows, “I, Jones, detonated bombs in these department stores”. Nobody was blinking their eyes, all still, like a frozen ice. The only one that was moving was investigator Edward running toward everyone.


“I’m sorry inspector. I’m late. Yesterday I was forcibly taken a sleeping draught when I was in the woods behind the scene. It was this morning I woke up from it. What did I miss?”

Inspector Steven stared at investigator Edward with confused expression as he was watching an insane person. “What do you mean you were taken sleeping draught? You were with us yesterday. For a whole day. You found the corpses and we got the identification section started”.

“I was here with you? No way. I woke up this morning in the woods finding bunch of bugs on my body. “That’s not possible Edward. If you are telling the truth, who was the man I was with yesterday?”

“I can’t tell, inspector. But maybe it was the man that forced me to take sleeping draught. When I think now, that man was just about the same size as me”.

At that moment detective Henry showed his face from nowhere. He let his step walk right in front of investigator Edward, having about 10 centimeters between. “Then that man would be Jones don’t you think? Jones who is very confident that he would let us know that he is the criminal”

“Jones? Who is Jones?”

“Oh, Edward, come and see this writing on the land. You see it saying about someone called Jones?”

“I see sir. So that man called Jones blew up the department stores. And now he’s telling that he did it”

“That’s right, Edward,” Henry said. “Of course not, Edward,” inspector Steven said at the same time. “What?” they both shouted right after they heard each other. “What do you mean of course not, inspector?”

“What do you mean by that’s right, Henry?”

“Well, the man called Jones says he’s the criminal. I’m saying that’s right”

“No, Henry. That’s trap that the criminal has set up. Jones is just name the criminal made up or something. Don’t you think it’s suspicious when in middle of any land, it’s saying someone called Jones did the crime? Also you know, Jones is common name. May be not much in here in America, but you know, there’s many people living here from other countries”

“But that any land is land that is included in the crime scene, inspector. We can’t just say someone called Jones is coincidence? It’s got to be related to the criminal at least, inspector. But I do think that someone called Jones is the author of this incident”

While the two of them were arguing with each other, more people surrounded the scene almost no space for single mouse to come between, or no space for a cat to find a mouse. But the people in there weren’t just normal people. There were many people from broadcasting station included in that crowd. They were taking videos and pictures and was looking interestingly at inspector Steven and detective Henry arguing with each other. But unfortunately the two of them wasn’t noticing that. The argument grew bigger and bigger. “Henry, just listen to me. I have been police man for 20 years. I have my instinct of a police man. I can know that this is a trap. You are still young, Henry. You are not a professional. You are just a young man who like mysterious incidents and like solving it in front of everyone. You just want to prove that you are right and want the others to think you are great. You just want to show off”.

“What? How can you say that to me, inspector? You were the one that first took me to a scene of a crime when I was in first grade. You were the one that taught me about different things like clues, evidence and other ways to catch the criminal. How can you possibly say that to me?” Both of them were turning red and shouting so loudly that all the people in apartments were letting their head out of their windows. And as you can expect, this was all recorded and was on the news the next day. The next day in the morning, on the seven o’clock news, all it was saying was about the incident and inspector Steven and detective Henry arguing. The news said, “In August 14th, Thursday, four department stores that were built during the past few months were blown up in tiny pieces by bombs set in the building. The police started the investigation on the day and is continuing still, when yesterday, the 15th, we found a writing in each scene of the crime saying “I,Jones detonated bombs in these department stores”. Looking at the writing, inspector Steven and detective Henry argued with each other, the inspector saying it’s a trap, on the contrary, detective Henry saying it’s real. They argued all day long. We don’t know if the person called Jones is really the criminal or not. The police are still working to find out”. A man grinned evilly in front of his television, hearing the news. “Perhaps they need a little more help,” he said and went out. Where he headed was a newspaper publishing company. He walked in like he is familiar with this place. He was dressed in all black, with mask and hood in this hot summer appealing that he is a stranger. He went into the office and shouted, “Raise your hand. I have a gun in my pocket. I want to make a message on the newspaper to the police and the detective. Who will help me?”. He looked very dangerous and menacing that a man in the office stood up automatically.

“I, I will sir. What kind of message would you like to make?”

“Write this down. I’m only saying once”

“Ye, Yes sir”

“I, Jones is here to make fun of the police and the detective. You two are like kid wanting to take the other’s toy or something. Very childish. How can you say you are a police and you are a detective? You two look too foolish that I think you won’t be able to catch me within ten years even. So I’m giving you a hand. Thank me. I will be going to a land that George, Andrew, Patrick and a red dragon is living. They often argue with each other. And also I heard that the dragon disappeared these days. If you come to this place, I will be waiting for you. I’m not changing my name. I will be in a place that there’s only one Jones. Though I’m worried that you wouldn’t be able to find me”

“Is that ok for the message si, sir?”

“Yes. Thank you. I will leave rest of the work to you. And if you don’t make it on the newspaper, I’m not going to be controlling myself. Be aware. I can be a dragon firing fireballs”. Then the man went out. The man came back to his house and threw in some stuffs in a luggage and left to the airport.


The message was on the newspaper very big, the next morning. Enough to catch attention of every single person reading the newspaper. Of course, inspector Steven and detective Henry saw it too. It was on the news either. Both of them were raising their anger. Pressing down the anger like pushing down a spring that you know it’s hard to push it down. Inspector Steven went out to the scene of the crime, and detective Henry went out walking, thinking about the land that Jones is talking about. Inspector Steven and detective Henry spotted each other. “So I guess I was right, inspector?”

“We can’t be sure Henry. This message could be from the criminal saying about someone else called Jones. We’re not going to be able to catch the criminal if we believe in information about someone called Jones”

“Oh, it’s bad that you are still disagreeing. But I’m not worried. You’ll soon know who’s right. And I have evidence too”

“What evidence?”

“You know, the man that was with us instead of investigator Edward? He probably is Jones. No, I’m sure of it”

“That doesn’t prove. We don’t know if he was really not Edward. May be Edward is somewhere else still, and this Edward is the criminal or something”

“You don’t believe your man? How foolish. You really are a kid like Jones said”

“Huh! if you are that confident of your opinion, you already solved the message from that guy named Jones?”

“No, not yet. But I’m going to solve. Don’t worry. Mind your own business”

“I will, Henry. I hope you would solve the message and see when I catch the criminal”

And they went their own way. The night came and inspector Steven was in his bath, thinking deeply. “What does the message mean? George, Andrew, Patrick and red dragon? Is it names? And the red dragon disappeared these days? Does it mean that it extincted?” Meanwhile, there was one more person thinking deeply about same thing too, who was tall and had his hair attached neatly on his back. “George, Andrew, Patrick and a red dragon that disappeared these days?” He was about to give up and go to his bed, when he saw a present he received this afternoon from his friend. He gently unwrapped it. What his eyes saw was a little figure of a bunny that was holding Union Jack. When he saw it, he felt like he was in a fridge. Suddenly he started to cry, “Oh, this is it! This was it! The Union Jack! That message meant about United Kingdom!” At that moment, there was another person on the opposite side of the street that was exclaiming, “U.K! It meant the U.K! Oh, how foolish of me. It was the Union Jack. You did it, Steven”. He, inspector Steven jumped around his house until his wife said to stop, holding a book called “Crimes in the United Kingdom” that has a picture Union Jack on it. The next day on 5 o’clock in the morning, inspector Steven and detective Henry went out their house toward the nearest airport, thinking in their mind, “You’ll never follow me. I’m the one who solved first”. In the airport, they rode on the airplane that leaves at 7 o’clock to the United Kingdom. Not knowing that each others are on the same plane. After about 7 to 8 hours of flying, they landed on London. Because they both thought that if the criminal is saying to find himself, not telling where, it would probably need to start from the capital, London. Now what they needed to do was find a place that there’s only one Jones. They went on asking people, and they found their answer. A little town that they only have about 30 people living. The people there were mostly poor foreigners so it seemed really possible to have only one Jones, which is a common name in England. They went back to their hotel and planned to catch the criminal the next day, since nobody would know they are from America to catch Jones. After a while, they fell into a sweet dream which was sweet as syrup. But their guess was wrong. It was a very unfortunate coincidence that all the people they asked were people from broadcasting stations. Because these days, they weren’t anything interesting to report on the news. So the broadcasting station let the people out to be ready to catch something interesting, and now they all know about Jones. The next day, inspector Steven and detective Henry woke up from their sweet dream still seeing the blurry pancake in front of them with lots of syrup on it, and turned on the news. They both swallowed the mixture of toothpaste and their saliva when they heard on every single news saying, “Yesterday, there were two man asking for a place that has only one person called Jones. Jones is very popular in America right now, when he is suspected to be the criminal of blowing up four department stores. Are they police from the U.S?”. “What? Henry is here? He solved the message? When did he come? I too only arrived here yesterday in the afternoon!”

“What? The inspector is in London? Unbelievable! When did he arrive here?” The two of them shouted as they watched the news. But this was fortunate for Jones. He didn’t expect them to come here so early, but now he is warned. He would get out of this little town right now. Now it was a race against the time. Three people ran out to the open. Jones running to the nearest train station, inspector Steven running to the train station, detective Henry running to the train station. All heading same place as three archers all aiming the middle of the same target. The time was still passing. “Tick- tock, tick- tock”. Ringing from deep inside them. Jones started to see the silhouette of a train . “That’s it” he thought. “When I let my step into the train, I’m free”. But when he reached the train, two big man stepped in front of him and the train left. “No, no,no. Who are you? Why are you stopping me?” he asked. “We have an order from an inspector from the U.S.A,” they said in machine sound. He could see one round man coming toward him. But there was another man from the other side, who was tall and his hair was neatly attached to it’s head. “Henry! I expected you to come.”

“I expected to see you too, inspector. Shall we take this man back?”

“Yes, we shall. It seems like he would need to have a trial”.

After a few hours, inspector Steven and detective Henry took Jones back to America. Talking enjoyingly, forgetting the last two or three days of arguing which was like a fight between Zeus and Hera.


A week later they have arrived back to America, Jones had a trial. Jones claimed that he was innocent and he didn’t need a trial to see if he was guilty. But the trial was set up and Jones employed a lawyer called Janet. Lawyer Janet was a famous person. She was a really good lawyer that everybody acknowledged. But the prosecutor was formidable competitor, prosecutor Sharon. She was also a person acknowledged by everybody. Every single person in America was excited at this news the Jones trial. It was going to be a big one. Very big one and it’s going to be absolutely taut as rubber band. The day of the trial came. In the courthouse, judge Peter sat at the front. Right of him was prosecutor Sharon. Left of him was lawyer Janet. In front of the judge was Jones as undertrial, and inspector Steven as complainant. The trial started, and fight between lawyer Janet and prosecutor Sharon was amazing. They both had great evidences that would make the other shut their mouth. They both was great at arguing, finding fault in other’s remarks. The hands of the clock hanging on the pure white wall have done a several laps. They both were talking for hours. But none of them seemed tired. It was what they were good at. It was what they liked to do. It was their job. They were enjoying all these things like they were watching Harry Potter or something. “Mr. Jones is innocent. Because he didn’t blow up those buildings just for fun, or for himself. He had his memories there. His friends had small shops in that land. A person from back took the land from them in a wrong way. And those friends of Mr.Jones suicided. All of them suicided. Four people choosing death because of a person with greed. Isn’t it unfair for Mr.Jones? I declare that he is innocent,” said lawyer Janet. “I declare that he is guilty. Even his friends were collapsed in wrong way, he killed hundreds of people. Not four, hundreds. He need to think of others too. Those innocent people who were just enjoying shopping. In whatever reason, crime is crime. If he’s innocent of doing the crime because there were some bad happenings, there will be millions of crimes happening in this world right now. If he cared about innocent lives going away, he would have not detonated bombs in the buildings. I say that he is guilty and would want him to receive death penalty,” prosecutor Sharon said. There were more words going back and forth, but in the end, it ended like, “I, judge Peter declare that Jones who is the responsible for blowing up four new department stores would get death penalty”.

It was a sunny day with clear blue sky that had no dark clouds, when it was the day that Jones was going to be receiving his death penalty. To be precise, execution. Sunshine sparkled brightly, straight to Jones’ eyes like an angel with a halo approaching his way offering him to go with it. Wind blew softly, touching Jones’ hair, like it’s sad for his death. “This is my last moment of my life. I’m going to meet my friends. I’ll see you soon. I’m happy to meet you, but also scared to die. I don’t know if I did a right thing or not. My life will end here. There won’t be anyone that will be sad at my death, but I wish there’s someone. Someone that will understand my feeling and will console my soul when I leave this world.” With that thought, he felt something very metallic and cold touch his neck, going deep through, muscles suddenly disconnected like blackouts, red liquid coming out of his neck like marbles all dropped on the floor, and closed his eye


Submitted: November 14, 2013

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