A Higher Call (Poem)

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Inspired by a famous latin quote, which translates to "Do the right thing, come what may," this piece is written to show the innermost knowledge between right and wrong.

Submitted: February 06, 2013

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Submitted: February 06, 2013




A Higher Call


I would not ponder for too long.

For I know what is right and what is wrong.

I’ll do the right thing and come what may.

I will fight and live another day.


For without ethics, without a code

Only brings one a heavier load.

Without knowing all that’s right

Brings only an eternity of night.


What you say won’t make me budge

For I know my God is a good judge.

And I won’t turn and come to judge you

For surely I know I have sinned too.


Instead I will try to do the right thing

And pray it will make the angels sing.

For God’s endless grace too is yours.

So I pray he brings peace to all your wars.


It’s not that I’m right and you must be wrong

For to God’s Kingdom we all belong.

He longs for us to open our eyes and see

The glory of who He wants us to be.

Each of us was made our own individual

Leaving lasting effects that prove residual.

Glorifying God with each of our acts

Ignoring what we think others may lack.


For we are one in the body of Christ

Brought together through the ultimate price.

When something’s wrong, He makes it right

Bringing the world his eternal light.


It’s not about whether you win or lose

But rather it’s about which choice you choose.

Do the right thing and come what may

Just simply consider what God would say.

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