Poem: Between Two Thieves

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A Christian poem of faith.

Submitted: June 23, 2010

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Submitted: June 23, 2010



Under the duress of the sacrificial Cross
and positioned between two thieves,
the culmination of grace for the World
was granted - via Jehovah’s heavenly reprieve.

Surrounded by the stench of death,
Christ uttered famous words of forgiveness;
enduring human suffocation with each dying breath,
His Light steadfastly opposed foreboding darkness.

His heart was forcefully punctured,
by a soldier’s upward, piercing blow.
Ripping the spear from the broken body
caused both blood and water to surprisingly flow.

Not immediately realized or understood
was the significance of His Crucifixion.
For this conciliatory offering to God
covered our sin, serving as a holy propitiation.

In plain sight, upon Golgotha’s skull hill,
hung our Savior between two thieves.
On that Good Friday He fulfilled God’s will,
before His Spirit was allowed its earthly leave.


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