Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory (FYI)

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I'm a self-published author. For anyone who is interested, I'm willing to share my experience to those also looking to get published.

Hello to all of my poet friends in cyberspace!

I am pleased to announce that my first book of poetry has been officially published and available for purchase. The title is: Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory
ISBN 1-4196-5051-3

It can be obtained via &

The link to Amazon:

Thanks for everyone's support!


PS There are an additional 75 poems in the book which are not posted on the internet.

PPS Learn more about my book at:

PPPS Here are some customer reviews of my book; enjoy! ;-D

By Peter Dugas (Merrimack, NH, USA) -
I first read your poems while traveling to see a dear friend who is very sick and losing a battle with cancer. Your words calmed my soul and helped me to focus on God's great glory. I read some of these poems, after 'dog-earing' about two-thirds of them to my friend, and she enjoyed the message as well. They are very comforting at any time, but especially so when times are tough and one is looking for a better understanding of 'why', and that turning to Him all the time is the best way to live our lives.

By Matthew R. Harris (Pasadena, MD, USA) -
'Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory' has truly blessed this reader with inspiration. After having just published a Christian book of poetry myself-'Poems On Some Parables Of Christ'-I can appreciate first hand this labor of love that Mr. Breunig has written. I am inspired to know that he is a Christian poet who is unafraid to remind his audience that 'The message of Jesus' story didn't end atop Calvary, / as a rotting corpse, left among the ruins of human debris....Unbeknownst to man, the Earth's foundation suffered / a quaking groundswell, / while the Spirit of Christ descended into fiery depths / and snatched the keys of hell.' The previous lines were quoted from a poem in Mr. Breunig's collection entitled 'Buried.' I hope these lines as well as the rest of 'Reaching Towards His Unbounded Glory' will lift you up as they have me.

By David A. Buck (Keene, NH, USA) -
It's one thing to put pen to paper and write things, good or bad that move people in one way or another. This book moved me in a positive way. I find it hard to believe that the author wrote these words from his very own psyche. I'm not accusing plagiarism, but rather inspiration. Many of the thoughts put to paper had to be, in my mind, divinely inspired. So many things we all need to hear, especially in this point in time. I can only hope that someone will read this and have that 'life changing' experience that we all crave. God's thoughts, using man's words. Outstanding! ! !

Submitted: November 18, 2007

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