One of 27 chapters of poetic love.


I see the way she looks at me.
I'm surprised she didn't see
how many times I looked at her.
I said you're cute, I was sure
she'd figured it out long ago.
I can't believe that she didn't know.
So when I asked to walk her back to her car
I figured she'd laugh, it wasn't far.
But she said okay, I was elated.
I never knew love to be complicated.
It didn't matter, I was playing the part
I was with her... that was a start.
I waited and waited to get a moment with her.
If I could get it..... I was sure
that I'd show her things she had never seen.
I'd show her what love could mean.
I'd make her see how amazing we'd be
and I was hoping that she'd see
the person that I'd come to be.
I did my best to do things right,
especially on that first night.
Hand in hand I showed her the skies.
We laid down a blanket and to my surprise
she lay with me and we held each other.
I can't imagine being as good with another
woman in this world or in the heaven above.
I knew from that moment that we'd fall in love.
I played around while we laid on the ground.
I memorized her face with my lips.. and without a sound
I slowly moved my mouth to her face.
There is nothing in the world that could ever replace
that moment my lips first touched her skin.
I'll never forget the feelings within.
We kissed and held each other so close.
We rolled on the ground, hugged and almost
made love on that blanket on that special night
but we both knew it just wasn't right.
Not there, not then but we had in our minds
that eventually we'd make love, we could see the signs.
We spent all of our time from that moment on
talking and kissing from evening 'til dawn.
It pained me so badly to let her go back to her life
my heart ached that night... it just wasn't right.
So I wait for the next time that I get to see her.
I know for a fact, I'm absolutely sure
that I'll kiss her again with a passionate kiss
that is something that I will not miss.
But until then I wait to just hear her voice.
It's so very hard, but for now... there's no choice.
I wait.....
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Submitted: May 06, 2013

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