Soulmate Hearts Broken

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

The first of many poetic short stories. Many new stories will be added to this one, which will acquaint you to my poetic writing style. You will want more.

Three decades ago he put a ring on her hand.

Now they are strangers, this wasn't planned.
They wake every morn and go their own way.
They barely speak a word at the end of the day.
Her heart aches as she reflects on the past.
Her true love promised a love that would last.
Trapped in a world she couldn't control,
she turned her back. She told him to go.
Her weakness forced them to both live a lie.
He was certain she had married the wrong guy.
Someday, he said, you'll regret your decision.
Angry she'd get, from his constant derision.
As they parted ways, both were heart broken.
Over the years, although, hardly a word spoken,
they never relinquished the love that they shared.
It was one of a kind, if she would have dared,
to forgo the norm and risk the unknown,
the love that they had would only have grown
into a lifetime of love and memories true.
She opened her eyes, she knew what to do
to rekindle the flames of true love and desire.
She'd find him, and tell him, still alive is the fire!
If he refused her advances, she'd understand.
But he'd take her back, he promised his hand!
She searched and prayed, old friends she'd locate.
To see his face, she just couldn't wait!
She continued to look. She spared no expense;
phonebooks, internet, bated breath, in suspense!
Ironically she found his old friend on the street.
She told him her name. He agreed they should meet
the next day, dusk, at 1st and S. Meade,
an odd location it seemed but she agreed.
When she arrived, next to a headstone he stood.
I wanted to tell you. I didn't think that you would
meet me here as I asked you to do.
Quietly he whispered, He always loved you.
I don't understand, what are you trying to say?
Slowly he knent for a moment to pray.
I kept my promise. I found her old friend.
Your last request, honored I, til' the end.
Tears in her eyes, heart broken, angry,
tell me sir, did he try to find me?
His constant companion through all the years
you broke his heart, so many tears.
He honored the promise you forced him to take.
He said you'd come back, then a life you would make.
Life passed him by, seasons changed, he grew older.
All my life, I will wait, he said that he told her.
Heart broken, he drifted though life, head hung low.
He waited and waited but you didn't show.
I was there at the end. I watched his life fade.
I held his hand, when the promise, I made.
Shortly thereafter, as the last breath he drew,
he whispered your name, and said, I love you.
Uncontrollably she cried and fell to her knees.
How did he die old man, you must tell me, please!
Take it longer, I can't, tell me this day!
With cane in hand he slowly walked away.
It's under the leaves. It's carved in stone.
It's why he spent his whole life alone.
As he disappered into the darkness of night
she wiped away the leaves, and by the moonlight
across his words, her fingers she ran.
Why did you go? I don't understand.
I never stopped loving you. You must have known.
Suddenly she realized she wasn't
(to be continued)....
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Submitted: May 06, 2013

© Copyright 2021 JJs Pen House. All rights reserved.

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