The First Night

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A young couple, who have been apart for a very long time, meet in New York City for the New Years Celebration!

Submitted: May 07, 2013

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Submitted: May 07, 2013




She expected her first kiss as she stepped off the plane. The holiday season was in full swing. He stood from afar, watching her as she entered the terminal. This would be their first moment together. He wondered what he would do when he finally got her in his arms. Would he hug her, shake her hand or did he expect a kiss? She knew. She had dreamed about and anticipated this moment for what seemed years, even though it had only been months since their first encounter. She slowly made her way through security. He followed her with is eyes as she waded her way through the gates. And then like a puppy he trailed behind her.
The holiday lines were very long but it only seemed like moments to them. Time had no meaning today. It was the day that they had both longed for, for so many months. Several minutes later she passed through the last security check and as she rounded the last guard there he was, standing there, like an excited child waiting for the ice cream man, or Santa Claus. The anticipation was so incredible. As she reached down to pick up a handbag she looked to him. He caught her stare and suddenly they were in their world, out of touch with the reality of the season, oblivious to the world, in love. "I knew you'd come," he said as he smiled.
"I've thought about this day so many times, and now you're here." "Here she is," he thought to himself, "standing in front of me". Her arms were full of gifts and goodies for him to open as soon as they got to their destination. "What am I going to do with her," he wondered as he looked at her. "She is more beautiful than anything that I could have ever dreamed of." In an instant they walked up to one another face to face, breath to breath and without speaking a word he slowly began to remove all of the packages and bags from her tiny shoulders. He grabbed the bags first, the camera, her purse, and gently laid them on the floor of the terminal. Then he stood and faced her, "hi".
They both laughed and then as tears filled her eyes he reached up and put her face in his hands and slowly began to scan her face with his cheeks. He could smell the vanilla lip gloss that brought out her beautiful, full lips. He nudged past her cheeks and smelled the hint of fruit, probably pear or some other lotion that seemed to engulf him with deliciousness. The smell of pear and the taste of vanilla waiting on her beautiful mouth for him to take in with the first kiss. "Oh my gosh," she thought to herself, "this is it." She licked her lips. He didn't notice. He was too busy taking in the scent of this beautiful woman, memorizing and catalogueing every luscious inch of her face, hands, and body. This woman, he was certain, would be the one that he would spend a lifetime falling in love with, kissing for the first time over and over.
He gently embraced her face in his hands while his lips made their way to hers. With her heart pounding, lips quivering, anticipating that first delicious kiss, she could feel her body shaking, and her stomach yearning to taste the man that she would spend her life with. She licked her lips one last time as their mouths met in a deep, gentle embrace, so wonderful and warm. As she kissed him she felt as though their souls had somehow collided and they were instantly one. Suddenly they were both breathless, hearts pounding, minds wandering through fields of bliss, and invisible to the world. His thoughts if any? He was too far lost in her eyes, in her kiss to be able to formulate any semblance of controlled thought. This was it. He knew. This would be the last woman, the last beautiful woman that his lips would ever kiss.  They both agreed without a word that this match would never be, could never be rivalled by any other, that these two lives were brought together on this night and nothing would ever separate them.
A simple kiss tied it all together and as the world turned that evening, passengers scrambling to make the next flight, meeting with relatives, taxis beeping in the background, airplane engines blaring on the runways, they were safe in their own world, quietly hidden, tied together in a first kiss, a hug and so much more, love."I have waited for you all of my life," he said. "But how did you know it was me?" "I knew. I meant to say that I've been searching for you all of my life, but I've always known that you were there, and I've always been in love with you." She smiled. He took her hand in his, arm in arm and they slowly walked together through the terminal out into the cold winter night, and hailed a taxi to get them to their hotel. They were so taken with one another that neither noticed that the bags were still lying on the floor of the terminal. They were in love.
Their taxi moved in and out of traffic with ease. They didn't notice the museum or Central Park as they made the taxi managed it's way to their hotel. After several minutes they found themselves at the hotel Renaissance just off Broadway. As they entered their room she didn't even notice how wonderfully kept the room was. She ran to their 4th floor window and threw open the shades. The loud Broadway lights blared through the window. Immediately the dark room was illuminated with bright neon rays from Times Square, which sat not 1 block from their hotel window. They would get to see the ball fall from the sky on New Year's Eve and they'd get to see it together from their room.
She slid open the glass door wall and walked out onto the balcony. The cold winter wind thrust its way into the room. He walked out and closed the door behind them. The view of Times Square was unbelievable. The lights on Broadway and the 10 story lighted billboard signs lit up the hundreds of thousands of visitors on the streets below. No one seemed to notice the new lovers in their nest as they looked down onto the crowd making their way to work, home, to parties and whatever else New Yorkers do a 5 'til 11 on a weekend night. He wrapped his arms around her, turned her to him and their lips met again. She gasped as she felt his hands running through her hair. Deep, delicious, wonderful kisses followed. Suddenly they both realized that the winter chill wasn't so bad. Their hearts beating together warmed up their bodies. Their desire to be together and to feel the closeness of one another was too overwhelming, even for them.
They made their way back into the room to get out of the cold and to spend precious moments together in one another's arms. The room was masterfully decorated. There was a fireplace on the wall as they walked into the room with a small fire burning cedar. It smelled so wonderful. A piano sat just out of reach of the door wall. An adjacent bathroom with a large marble tub led away from a small island with assorted wines, and liquor. A king size bed filled with huge down filled pillows and satin sheets sat across the room from the fireplace. Chocolates were laid out on top of the fireplace. They kissed and cuddled for many minutes and finally retired to the bed, his eyes in hers, and lay there quietly. Enjoying the moment, she closed her eyes and without looking felt his body move from the bed.
Suddenly, the piano began to play. She was unfamiliar with the tune but it was melodious and captivated her mind. "what song is that? It is so beautiful?" "I wrote it for you," he said. "It's called autumn leaves." He tapped on the keys leaving ballads of love hanging in the cedar filled air. As she listened she felt as though she could smell the leaves as they lay on the ground. The tunes were breathtaking and she found her mind and body dissolving into the aroma of the crackling fire as she gazed at the fireplace. He finished playing and asked if he could draw her a bath. She was still a little bitten from the cold and agreed.
Many minutes later he led her to the bath. She noticed that it was full of bubbles and smelled like strawberries. She followed him to the tub and allowed him to slowly undress her. Her breasts and body were so soft and innocent. Without violating the moment he held her hand and guided her naked, beautiful body into the warm oasis that called to her. He walked back to the piano and began to play, leaving her to a night of bubbles, strawberries and certain love making. He sat back down at the piano and continued to play for many minutes. She lay her head back and listened to the wonderful melodies. She closed her eyes and rested her head against the lip of the cool marble tub, hidden in the bubbles and slowly drifted in and out of sleep as he played on.
When she finally woke from this wonderful moment the water seemed a little cooler. The music had stopped. The bubbles had seemed to have vanished and the lights to the bedroom were dimmed. She quietly made her way out of the tub and donned the beautiful bath robe he had offered as a present. She made her way out of the room and into the adjoining room where they would spend their first night together.
She noticed that he was fast asleep and had been asleep for many minutes. She realized that she must have fallen asleep in the tub. Meanwhile he had laid in bed and fallen into a deep, warm sleep while waiting on her to retire from her bath. She crawled into bed and laid next to him, removed her robe so that her naked body could feel the warmth of his body and draped her arm around him and began to rub his chest.
She smiled as she pondered this night. She thought about their first kiss in the terminal and their first embrace while looking over Times Square, in the greatest city in the world. She was finally with the man she loved. She thought of him doing his best to please her this night, running her bath, playing beautiful music on the piano for her, running his fingers through her hair. This night couldn't have been any more perfect, unless they had made love.  That would come but not this night. She closed her eyes and laid her head on his shoulder and wrapped her legs in his. She pulled herself closer to him as he slept on, her breasts pressed against his body. She took a deep breath, whispered, "Happy New Year Love", exhaled slowly and smiled as she fell asleep in his arms.
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