Gridlock Gears 3 Execution Strategy V1PER X

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic


Two Players Push Boom/Dig Spawn, Hold & Defend Grab & Go, if Possible

one player push nade grab and go

two players head to snipe spawn one grabs snipe, other defends snipe-grabber

all players, or remaining players head back to Gorgon Tower

this allows players to hold G-Tower, and have a permant base

2-players guard E-1, Frag Set At Stairs. - One Lancer, One Gnasher, Long & Short Range Attack

2 players guard E-2, also set a frag at the corner of E-2 to gift your Opposing Enemies that want to rush in, from the backside

Balcony Outlook is where Sniper will Pick & Drop Players, especially the Incoming & Near Enemies from AFar

Hint A - If Boom cant be grabbed make sure you push back immediately to G-Tower 1, from whichever location you spawned at,

Hint B - If Nades cant be grabbed push back to G-Tower 1-2 and Hold, and defend your incoming players at all costs

Hint C - if Snipe cant be Grabbed then push back to G-Tower 1-2, and Hold and defend protect your comrades

This allows the players if the P-Weapons, cant be obtained to hold base point and Pick & Drop Opposing Team, at a much better angle and can also lead to a more balenced

Team call out playtype.. but also Standpoint, and stall's can be achieved this way.

Agg Play is not a neccessary push strategy for gridlock i believe gridlock is more Defend and hold base point it also gives you & your team a more balenced Equation of Playing 

Game Type - Excecution

Round Limit 4

Round Time 4 Minutes

Hint. Remember to hold your base point and collect as many P-weapons as you can, and Push IMMEDITAELY back to Base Point. 

so you can stay alive, and safe during the Remainder of the Match, but also Snipe is a very important weapon of Gridlock, so it must be Grabbed at all costs



Enemy Team Sandbox 

The Enemy Team may want to have a player rush Snipe, while they Covert through Frag Spawn, and Come Around your back-side, demolishing you & your team.

the enemy team may push a player at Boom/Dig Spawn, while having another player push around, and AGGRESSIVE attack you with a Distance Ranged Weapon, Lancer, 

the Enemy Team may all rush sniper, thus in retrospect your not gonna be getting your P-Weapon, or would you even wanna try? because that would be Sucidial and pointless.

dont waste players, stay alive at all costs! so dont go 1 V 5 or 4, lol your not gonna survive unless you are just that good.. ;) 

The Enemy Team, may just Bum-Rush With Gnash, through the map like its a Unreal Game Set-up, thats why you have your Home Base, and your Secure. this isnt raven down.!!

Make Sure to have well Rounded, Boom/Dig Shots, that are used only for Cluster's or 100 percent  Equated shots!!

make sure to set up your players with 1 Gnash and 1 Lance at Entrance - 1 , and same G-L at back Entrance - 2, This allows Long&Close Range Demolishment without just doing a Gnasher Pump And Drop Group Circle 

Make sure to set up your Snipe Player, at Balcony outlook at your Home Base, So if he makes clear, rounded shot's its a Pick & Drop Process make sure to always trust the Snipe Graber and Make sure he can deliver some formal shots, while being 80-100 Percent Snipe Talented. ( Lobotomized!!!!)

make sure the Frag/Nade Player, sets Un-noticeable Frags, at Stair - 1 and Backside, Stair - 2

so the Opposing Players dont realize the gift you've left for them, 

if Enemy Obtains Boom/Dig, let them try and push in , you can use your Defensive & Agg style play to down the Boom/Dig Power Holder,


Also Playing With Lancer, Gnasher Set up is Perfect

Banning Sawed Off, Hammy, and Retro should not be allowed in Professional Set up

Strategy By Jeff Richard Jacobson

Created on April 20th 2012



Submitted: April 21, 2012

© Copyright 2022 jjsn5192. All rights reserved.

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