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a kind of plot for a film, or a script i am working on just collecting Notes ;)

Submitted: January 31, 2012

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Submitted: January 31, 2012



so its based in the year 2078 during the post apocolypitc war during the traverse its kind of a post Inspired story of films by Scott, with Alien and James Cameron's Terminator film, i want this story to be set apart from those kinds of films but also keep a truthful approach to the world of Sci-Fi i really like the idea's of Androids and Space Creatures, but also the under-lying dark and gritty world too. i think a great Sci-Fi Story has to make the viewer aware and also keen to the intense situation of building up suspence and ultimately making a story great and aggressive, but anyways i have always been facinated with the film Alien and i think the factors of creating a alien that surfaces in the stomach of a human carrier its so amazing and so creepy! at the same time.. anyways i want my story to be much different in retrospect it needs to be fresh and original but also new.. and inventive hell this story may just sit on the dust and never go anywhere but it would be amazing for my creative idea's to make something out.. so i have this set of charecters, and basically they are soldiers for a futuristic company called "Element" so they are sent on a mission to retrieve personal data information for a ship home base... and they basically find a civilization of beings that were wiped out ultimately and unknown to the factor of how it happened, so as they explore and see that something obviously " Went WRONG! " they begin to find out more about what is going on.. so as they are each killed and wiped out, by these creatures i want them to look really scary but also interesting creatures, that can channel into different forms and kind of become that person, so in a sense its somewhat kind of a ":Thing" Vibe.. but i think one of the most scariest factors is not knowing who or what, is infected.. know how the infection got there is Unknown.. but obviously these creatures ,and this building, so you have that underlying mission of getting this data for world peace so it has a very emotional introspect but also being weapon less i thought would add more suspence too it and using puzzle's. and inventive way's to build to the chareter and use human strength and so that add's alot to it, i want 3 female charecters and 3 males, so a team of six.. Karl, Joseph, and Jacob, as well as zAngel and Katie so i want a dog aboard the craft and this kind of medium size ship.. i dont want no big mother ship landing on a small planet, at this facility so it leads into this facility where they begin to realize these people have been dead for months, and these creatures have adapted into senting messages over the board, to have Human-Hosts come and rescue the data, so i want smart creatures, as to what they look like i have no clue... i want them to be really creepy but also i think the ultimate Formula is DNA is mixing hosts.. so i always thought making the Ending First, and then doing the begining last.. was interesting, so it kind of forwards and rewinds, so basicaly the last remaining survivor is Karl, and Kate but its always fun to make the least suspected charecter is infected which thus, would be the "Dog, " ;) so then you have a sequel.. concept, thus taking the infection back home.. * hehe heheh anyway's just throwing idea's but i want there to be alot of exploration and adventure too, films like Jurrasic park, so many inventive.. stories, but also im inspired by the jock kind of Quentin Taraintino film, so i want this to be more of a R-Rated Film!!! ( PROPERTY OF JEFF RICHARD JACOBSON)

so here's what i thought id have for the story, basically its a worm like parasite that lives in the planet they are harrbinged on, and it infects many of the crew member's. The Team Element, a Galactic Police sense of Denfense for the World's Post At War,so Karl, first conratcs the Bio-Parasite and begins to spread the infectious disease, basically the eco system on the planet wont allow a sustained defense mechanisim for Human Life on board it, so as they begin to realize that a couple of crew members are infected, and are slowly changing into these human/alien type of creatures,. ,and are each being wiped out, you look at the survival instinct of wanting to return home, but not realizing your gonna be going back home with the disease. and giving it to others, and other's.. cbut also to look at the possibilites of what kind of Hell< we Human's could create? and how we are constantly ignoring the safety precautions of our own Gods, and Anecestor's.

Karl Begins to search around a dark and empty room, searching for the data. he begins to realize there isnt nothing but lost human contact and whatever had happened to the humans, before.. they were finished sooner then laterthe dark room begins to shed a bight of fear within him he senses that he isnt alone, and as he realizes that a creature of some sort is behind him. he draw's his weapon fast enough to catch a glance but ultimately the creature spew's a toxic salivia at his face, as he begins to go blind.. his body is still functional and is dragged down to the lower part of the cargo bay of the ship

the creature begins to eat and harvest on his body. tearing limbs apart

a couple of hour's later, contact with karl is no longer intact. the creature begins to malfunction and starts to throw a somewhat "Seizure" like, fit. and begins to metamorph slowly into a human. the blood from the human didnt fit well with the creatures aligned DNA Coding

as it isnt fully aware of the situation and is confused even for its self being, it begins to slowly suffer and metamorph into a hybrid of some sort! a mix between a human physical attribute and a alien of some sort ofit begins to attack the rest of the human crew, aboard the ship, -- a work in progress, _

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