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Submitted: April 21, 2012

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Submitted: April 21, 2012



so the story starts off with alot of plot idea's! 

a viral infection a mainifestation of human egotiisim

the point of survival so i wanted this story to be set apart differently then what alot of others would expect 


it needs to be a thriller along the lines of whats going to happen next? and when will it happen

to kind of give you a slow process of where im coming of but also the most important factor


is the story that is what sets the entire production

it starts with a space-crew that are sent to recover some data they are sent to get this important information

but where do i go with what this creature is? where did it come from? how do i not make this sound like a Cameron or Scott film?

so many possibile idea's! afloat

this creature is Sexually Explicit, and wants to Re-Produce it wants to understand the Human, and the Life Forms in which it has never seen

in some answers its more scared of us then we are scared of it

which hell can be quite different? anyways.

so sexually it can be trasnmitted

i always liked the idea of what scares you the most? as for humans diseases scare us beause they are real

Infections are just nasty, and they scare us because they are Real!

this viral infection starts with one, and gets to everything & everybody

you look at a film like John Carpenters The thing, Wonderful Film Unique so much tense level's of thriller & Horror.

 but also key factor to My Film & My Story is that i can make it what ever the fuck i want? thats the  point of being somebody who loves films, and wants to create there own look back film

this might not go anywhere but i can play with idea's right? wi

so this space crew contract this viral infection, it is unknown to them and nobody can go back home? with a infection right? absolutely no

they were lured by this so called data, turning out to be a giant rat trap by the government whcih is Fictional, and not real. so dont WORRY! lol  to trap these people as Tests, and are basically living in the bowls of hell! 


each to its own. tension rises and the cards are not being played right, i want this creature to be different then what you would expect

it feeds off of information, it doesnt speak and is absolutely disgusting looking, it sexually likes to put its viral infection into anything it wants to

it smells, it hears, but it cant see.

it stands quite tall, a bit taller then Human's.

but it hides in the darkest of area's the humans are playing cat & mouse with it. in its own home

its had plently of time to understand its home,

so  we have a crew of 9 people, the larger the better right?

and also another thing, is i dont like happy endings? so dont expect one. i think i like to shock the people that liked to be shocked, but also i always loved a ending where you had to ask did this really just fucking happen? or why did this happen

and you talk about it for a week? maybe a month.. or it just dies off, and doesnt last the year-round.

i really like the idea of playing with fire, what if ? he did this. or what if that would of happened.. your going to always get burned

so essentially your mind can give you Imagination and can leave you in the darkest of tension 

where is it going to come out of, alot of Thrillers & Horror dont make them like they used too. 

it needs to be at each Corner, and a viewer needs to be engaged by a Wonderful Story, Beautiful Scenes.

Romance, Horror.. and the Thrills, 

but also the main plot process is the Villian needs to be Menacing. 

where are you going to go? if the villian isnt smart, and it isnt fun.

there would be two Villian's in my story, 

its always fun when one of the crew isnt exactly what they are saying they are? right.. ;)  ... hehehe.. 

but also this creature the Perfect Absolute unknown  there's so much at stake

do we kill it or? do we not kill it.


these are messy jumbled up words, but im trying to see where im going with this..



- Jeff Richard Jacobson April 20th 2012 


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