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Concept Designs, idea's and Constructive Idea's.
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June 2012!

Submitted: June 15, 2012

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Submitted: June 15, 2012



IN the eyes of the Devil

is a concept i  came up with years ago. it was a strange title i had said just one day.

i dont recall or remember exactly what day that was.

you'd be crazy to ask me what day, and what time this occured lol!

but anyways.

more to the point.

 i have had a idea floating about for a science fiction story based script.

for years. having  a story based idea sometimes is such an amazing progress.

or such a simple little task inside of your head

having being grown up on Ridley Scott's Alien Film, and James Camerons follow up sequel 



also films like Star wars, or Other Great science fiction master pieces.



the idea i had was about a viral infection board a spacecraft. a real nasty one, 

that gets out kind of like when you land on a planet. and you contract a disease. and take it on board and infect everybody else.

but you didnt really know? exactly.. how you got the diesese and obviously the one's that scare me the most are always when it is inside of you.

like the film carpenter's Geniune thrilling story of The Thing, 

so a crew of 5 board the space craft, sent to a desolate planet to retrieve intel information on UAS. 124 Military  Bio-Mechanic Weapons of Destruction that the Pro-Military wants kept retrieved and safe.




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