Made For Me

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its a love song..
thought i would put a more happy song on here

since ive been putting alot of darker material lately

Submitted: June 14, 2011

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Submitted: June 14, 2011



Made For Me - Jeff Richard Jacobson May 18th 2011

i see you standing there all so alone

i feel your heart but you wont know

all your feelings your lost in the dark of the light

Hey, Hey, Hey

come to me... come. to me

because im in love with you.. and i want you

i walk the streets in search of you

california never felt so alone

all the flowers old

all the memories sold

but  i wont ever go

i just want you here with me

hey, hey, hey

come to me.. come to me

because i want you

ill take the hits, to breathe

ill take the chance to see

ill roll the dice to be

ill do anything.. ill do anything

for you.. ill do it all

for you

all for you.. because i want you..

i want to be in love for you

its because i love you.

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