Ask God about Death

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Sometimes one has to take life by its cojones to truly get the most out of the short existence you have on such a small planet.

Submitted: November 25, 2011

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Submitted: November 25, 2011



Ask God about Death By Justin K Kazmierczak

Sometimes one has to take life by its cojones to truly get the most out of the short existence you have on such a small planet. George took more than you’d expect out of life, he was the top gun gunning for any moment he could savor out of his pointless and screaming-for-death life. He attempted to live on the very edge of life, as did most people, but he stood out because he attempted to understand the rather dark secrets of life. He wanted to know how life ticked, why it ticked, and most importantly why it stopped. George Rajdek Zsofka deeply wanted to figure out why life ended and if at any possibility: he could stop it from ending.

There were many theories for him to deeply digress into. There was the theory that as perfect animals we tempted ourselves out of the garden and cast ourselves onto the shores of evil. Another theory was that we were the product of a battle between divine deities. Unfortunately, George never took any solace from any of them. The life they promised was all the direct result of death, thus these theories could not be satisfied to a man of logic. George thought that all of these theories seemed rather incomplete, incoherent, and missing facts except for a few well placed truths. It was as if the being behind the universe mocked George’s curiosity and plainly rejected the notion that his creation should know the truth, or was it a she. George didn’t know.

George was apparently in deep thought because he had thrown his majestic flying vehicle into an erroneous chaos. He had slipped the clutch into the wrong gear and his soon to be short flight was hurtling straight into a crater.

“Frick! Blasted thing can’t even stay in flight for more than 2 seconds without a cataclysmic failure. If I wasn’t so broke I’d replace your sorry-”

Unknowingly to George it had been 3 months since the vehicles last major screw-up, which for George was an impressive feat of ingenuity. The last maintenance overhaul he performed went quite well. However the machine didn’t act too kindly to George’s bantering as it cut off into final gear and broke power. It was heading, nose first, straight into the center of a now opening crater. If George could have seen what was going on he would have added some well placed cursing, as if the universe took offense to his ill hearted words. The universe was never designed with ears, so it heard not and did nothing about his situation regardless of George’s circumstance.

“Frick’n piece of junk!”

“-Ksh Zzzz, This is standard control. Please relinquish control of your vessel to the Matter Steam; it will only take a second now.”

George was puzzled, he had flown across this very crater at least a dozen times and he never heard anything like that come out of his radio. He immediately let go of the gear, knobs, and buttons and started to wonder if this was the fault of the vessel or some higher power known as the “Matter Stream.”

He was too poor to buy a replacement vessel and he was also to poor to acquire the knowledge of particle physics. Thus when hiss machine entered the second phase of the hidden device in the crater and was sent hurtling across the stars to the very edge of the universe, he noticed nothing. George only felt the contents of his stomach reposition itself across his dashboard’s primary readout.

“Scank’n scum all across my dash. Fantastic… I’d of rather skipped out of lunch if I’d of known about 30 seconds later it would be hurtling out of my freak’n mouth. Dam!”

The readouts on his dash started to hum into action as the device turned back on. The onboard computer did not know exactly where George was so it gave up trying. The readouts stayed at their start position. The only thing that moved around was his LED lights and the second key pattern of the startup sequence.

Moments later when the machine entered its final stage of boot-up, the on board display turned on only to display what looked like a grey silver lining in the darkness. George tried to get his bearings but couldn’t see a light for miles, except for a spec of light at the edge of the silver line, which was evidently getting bigger as George’s craft narrowed down towards the silver line. In fact it was almost as if this silver line was a landing platform for his craft, because it appeared that his craft would fit perfectly in the center of this silver platform. The craft slowly touched down as the onboard AI located the platform as the safest place to land. Control was relinquished back to its pilot, George. George smirked, until he realized a giant mass was on the other end of the silver lining.

“My god!”

My god was right because behind him, at the other end of the silver mass, was this ball of fire that didn’t seem to belong. The only thing separating the ball of fire and the beckoning speck was this great dark chasm and the silver lining. It was as if a great dark barrier separated the two points and only a ship the size of George’s could fly between them. He looked closely to the firry ball and noticed something. The silver mass didn’t seem to extend completely to the red ball of fury but it did seem to touch the white speck.

George did a recalibration of his hardware only to find out that he was in fact at the end of the silver platform which was the exact middle between the red ball and the white dot. He wasn’t exactly reassured by this data, but at least he knew that momentum would carry him forward. Preferable, the momentum would carry him away from the red ball of doom. That’s all George has now: momentum. That’s why the craft landed. Apparently the tons of fuel George recently acquired never made the journey across space.

The spec glowed as if it waited for George to make a decision and come closer. So he thought, he would rather not be home and since he was in fact stuck on the edge of the universe, he’d investigate the spec of light at the frontend of the platform. He consciously decided to see what was so powerful to have taken him at the edge of the universe in a blink of an eye.

The kinetic plates at the backend of his aircraft picked up momentum as he pushed the throttle forward. He had hoped he did not have to get out and push. Moments later the machine kicked in and the plates propelled him forward. Luckily the hybrid space worthy plane had captured enough momentum from his flight earlier and began to move towards the speck of light.

When he finally arrived, the beckoning light appeared as a door way and subconsciously he stepped into it.

The light enveloped him and his aircraft. The silver platform slowly collapsed into the spec of light making the great chasm widen in length.

As George gasped for air, he could not find for a second, his eyes opened to an unimaginable world of awe. He awoke to a world vibrant in color. A world he never knew could exist or human being could possible fathom.

Those are real colors, right? He felt his mind was playing tricks on his emotions, but it was no trick. His senses were reading a world unlike anything he has ever seen. It made his sense heighten, on the verge of an emotional response he yelled.

“Holy Sh-!”

A wave of thundering and lighting could be heard in several locations pointing out towards where George stood. George could hear his name being faintly called across what he imagined to be seven winds. He gasped as he quickly drew near to what appeared as the source of the rolling thunders. He could hear his name visible from seven different parts of this world but somehow he knew it came from this room: the throne room.

How could he know where the throne room was? He wondered. For that matter how could he know there was a throne room? His mind was being flooded with information about this place as if his brain was compensating for something. A lack of some sense of something that he could not quite grasp… It was all too real for him. It was sensational.

It was breathtaking. The ambiance of the throne room had an indescribable array of colors and precious stones. As if the entirety of earth’s capabilities was hurtled across the galaxy to a place unattainable that multiplied everything he dreamed and imagined. He felt pure joy bringing him hope. His imaginations went wild as George practically relieved himself from any inhabitations and began to run towards the throne.

His mind whirled with questions. Could this be the very answer of my prayers, hopes, dreams, and imaging’s? Could this be the answer to my lifelong aspiration, my search, for the answers to life? What in god’s name could this be? Should he be using god’s name in such a common way..? Was he in God’s presence? Was this God? Was there a God or was this something else entirely?

He could not describe it to anyone and wouldn’t dare make sense of it. He worried that he might be overtaken by emotions. He just opened his mouth and let out a cry.

“What is this? It’s so unthinkable. It’s..!”

George suddenly found himself at a loss for words. He couldn’t even think of anything to say, in his modern tongue, to truly describe the magnitude of this place.

His mind began to be filled with questions. He hoped that whoever it was on the throne knew the answers to his questions. Maybe the one on the throne did this a lot, brought people to himself. Maybe he was familiar with the possible questions that arose and could answer them without asking.

George just hoped that the one on the throne was wiser than he was and knew the answers George had sought after all of his life. Something inside him leapt at the possibility of having his deepest questions answered.

A figure walked from around the throne to where George was and simple looked towards him. George didn’t take to kindle to this strange thing coming to him and in fear he dropped to his knees. If he had any contents in his bladder it would have been lost by now.

This creature was like nothing he ever saw. It resembled creatures he knew but in a different way. No creature he knew could make him drop to his knees and whimper in fear as he was now doing. The creature lifted his face and spoke with a soft deep voice.

“Don’t be afraid.”

A simple request, or was it a demand?

George slowly got up from the floor and looked up towards this massive being only to realize that the one on the throne was even more majestic. The glimpses he caught of the one on the throne behind this flying creature filled his mind with wonder. George couldn’t get himself to look up towards the throne but he saw parts of this being. He felt like his life would be forfeit if he looked into the eyes of such a gigantic and wondrous being.

He stood to his feet and looked with fear into the creature’s face and asked the simplest question, he could think of.

“Why me?”

The creature was not puzzled by his question and answered in clear precision.

“That is an easy question to answer. It is your heart that has brought you here to this place.” George was about to blurt out the common phrase, where am I, when the creature instinctively answered: “You’re under the feet of your creator. You’re at the throne room of GOD.”

George didn’t know what to think. He was being conflicted by his thoughts and he couldn’t just single one out. So instead he searched his heart and began asking the questions about the universe that had plagued his mind for years.

“What’s with death? I mean, we all die… but why? There is no sense in death. No logic in a human to cease existing. Death kills off a human’s life, legacy, and his journey. Usually death cuts these things short and does more harm than good.”

George was not motivated by a selfless need of knowledge. Mere decades ago he lost his entire family to some freaky elevator accident. Even more recently his best friend, who he loved, died in his arms of an incurable disease. On top of that, he lost his great love to a sea of white sharks on the bay of his homeland. Everything that George loved was taken from. Death had forcible removed everything George held dear.

So he asked his question, against all odds to get greater insight in why we live. Would he be reunited? Would he someday die and never live again? What is life? It’s deepest meaning? What is it, God? Why, do we have to cease to exist?

“Humans don’t cease to exist, George. Life does not have an expiration date. The short lived life on your planet is your grace period. It’s a period of time which you may ask the questions, learn from your mistakes, and gain vast amounts of knowledge. In the next place these things have no purpose: Wisdom, knowledge, and understanding are free gifts once you have lived the first life and enter the next one.”

“The first life, how many are their?”

“There are just two. Similarly there are two deaths. The first one ends your first life and the second one ends your second life before it begins.”


“They are not riddles as much as they are principles. Amongst your life on that short and small planet, you have the ability to perceive the purpose of existence and make the ultimate choice.”

“The ultimate choice?”

“Whether to be here, or there.” The creature pointed through the doorway to the ball of fire.

George looked at it, he was puzzled because to him it was a dark ball of mystery. He knew nothing of this part of the universe, so he was under qualified to make the choice. Until the thought of the first glace he made towards that ball of furry. It screamed to his soul to run, run away, and he did.

“Huh?” George shrugged his shoulders and gave the basic and quick response of, “That’s an easy choice. Here.”

“If everyone got the sneak glimpse you got, it would be easy. However no one gets the easy route you’ve been given, they all have to perceive this choice through the world created by the one who sits on the throne. Not everyone heeds his words, instructions, and warnings built into the very fabric of his creation. In fact only a fraction of the total created humans make it here.”

“How does one, ‘make it here’?” He whispered to himself, but the creature kept going and didn’t stop to share with George the truth of his life that he missed.

“As opposed to you, George, you have been given the easy route: the ability to step before GOD. You have been given the ability to have a relationship with your creator. Ask of him anything and he will indulge you with the wisdom, knowledge, and its interpretation. “

The creature continued, “Men seek out these things on their own and do not get this far by themselves. Over the years men have said many things about the words given to them and have tried to make it out on their own. However they all fail because they believe that to make perfection is to make life a set of rules, regulations, or a set of predetermined works.”

“I know. I’ve tried all the religions, but you can’t tell me that rules don’t have order. At least that has to have some kind of truth somewhere or we’re all just freaking doomed.”

“George, you see in part and know in part but are completely mistaken. Life is not about order, or chaos. Rather life is about relationship, and having one with the Lord.” The creature glanced toward the throne and smiled.

George was astonished by the creature’s response. Surely this creature was a mouth piece, but was he inferring that George could ask question to God directly. Could he communicate with his creator? Never could it be so that a man could ask of God without a middle man, honestly and frankly. Could it?

The creature looked up towards the throne and a voice like silent thunder rose up against the voices of others that were in the room. George just noticed that around him were many before the throne and they were engulfed with worship. There were creatures and men: a host of highly majestic beings all seemed to have the creative fingerprint of God.

George looked up to the creature who motioned for George to walk up the throne. George trembled as he made his first step up the stairway to the throne itself. George looked into the eyes of God and suddenly all of his conscious thought ceased to be visible to those in the throne room.

Many minutes later George walked out. A brilliant globe was around his face, an aura of colors and bright things filled the countenance of a once disturbed man. The creature looked down to where he was and motioned him to a man writing close to the throne. The man looked up towards George and wrote the following statement in an ink pen.

“You are no longer recognized as George but as Jergenson because you have seen the brilliance of the throne and have felt the presence of the one that has the power to change your destination of doom to a place filled of hope eternal.”

Jergenson smiled, looked around, and fell before the throne. Jergenson was now complete, his heart was satisfied. A great peace rushed over his soul. He was as close to his purpose as he desired to be. He was at the very feet of the one, who moments ago called him son.

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