The Holocaust

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My English teacher last year had asked the class to write a short story about what it would have been like had we been in the Holocaust.

Submitted: April 24, 2013

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Submitted: April 24, 2013




My home was in ruins. There are so many people who are gone. It all happened so fast. I had heard of everything that was going on, and I was hoping to escape everything with my family, but that's not what the Nazi's had in mind. My family and I were taken in a train car, but we were unsure of our true destination. It was dark, damp, and unbearable in the train car, filled with so many people. As we got to our destination, everyone was bustled out of the car; most could barely stand on their feet because of exhaustion. They had packed everyone in so tightly; there was no room to shift around. We were forced to stand for - I don't know how long. 
Everyday seemed to mesh together; nothing seemed to be changing in the least during that ride. Once outside, I gasped in the fresh air hungrily. It was then that I had realized the true reality of the situation at hand. My family and I were brought to a Nazi Concentration Camp. Thousands upon thousands of bodies who seemed no longer human were walking about in a dazed fashion, eyes that no longer seemed alive were watching the train car as it arrived, a chill ran up my spine as I saw all of those hopeless eyes staring and I almost lost my feet. When everyone was off the car, we were moved into lines that were unbelievably long, filled with people who looked tired, hungry, and completely drained of any energy. 
My mother, younger sister, and I were moved to the left while my father and three older brothers were taken to the right. I had looked up just then and saw that black smoke filled the sky, it was then that my line was beginning to move towards a destination that I really did not want to know. Some were taken off in another direction that headed towards a building, my mother included. I tried to cry out in protest, and just as a sound escaped my mouth a soldier struck my back, which made me lurch forward. I held my tongue then, though on the inside I was shouting. I kept my sister in sight but she disappeared within the mass of people who were still being herded like cattle towards the building with the smoke stacks erupting from the top into the ever-darkening sky. I realized then that the sun was setting. 
Once we reached the building some were made to wait outside because there was not enough room for everyone. As I was finally brought inside it was the second time that day I almost lost my feet. I had finally realized what the building was, the meaning of the smokestacks that rose into the darkened sky. It was a crematorium. 
There were deafening screams coming from others who made the realization as well. I had found that I myself had joined in with the chorus of what would surely be the end of my days. My mind was empty of all other thoughts except for one; This is the end. There were soldiers dragging people away and most did their best to struggle, to fight for their lives, but every attempt at survival was met with a blow to the body that brought an unnatural angle to the bodice of most. People lay dead on the floor from past beatings and were dragged to the corners of the room and just left there. I knew right then that I was going to die that day. 
As I felt the firm if not brutal grasp of a soldier much larger than I on my shoulders. I was panic stricken as I saw my sister in the same situation but with every feeble attempt to free myself and run to her was met with a deafening blow, but my body was numb and I felt only the blow, no pain was met. I saw her eyes widen and she struggled as well. She was brought to the ground by the blows and I tried to scream but no sound came. This time I did lose my feet and I fell to the ground unconscious. That was the end of my life. I know not of what happened to my mother or sister, nor did I know how much they suffered. I hope that they have found a place to rest eternally as I have, and I hope that in the many years to come, none will be forgotten who have suffered along side of my family and I.


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