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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic
short lil somethin i wrote, i like to write lyrics when i get bored

Submitted: December 16, 2009

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Submitted: December 16, 2009




Nigga bust beats on me,

I swear you'll never see the end to me,

Im the king of L.A

Im the beast comin out the cage,

You betta run or you might get sprayed,

My heart isn't where it's suppose to be,

I'm a cold blooded, killa

So don’t get close to me,

Elaborating on glock wit the full clip,

Bustin shots out the dark at the new kids,

Since I came up I been a goon to the streets,

I keep the heat strapped and a bad bitch, ya feel me,

In the streets you'll hear of me,

But lyrically you can never get near me,

I'm so far in the race that I cant turn back,

You so far behind, they kicked you out the tracks,

Every time I open my mouth im spitting fire,

My rap is so sick its raises to the tenth power,

Beat master sick dude, the nigga wit baby powder,

Im so fly, eagles fly wit me,

Never been a bitch cuz my hood would never let me,

I killa a dude for a wrong comment,

My flows so sick,

I'll spit lyrics like your morning vomit,

Im a beast on the mic niggas cant hold me down

My rymes are sick, don’t fail me now,

Trust a nigga wit an attitude that’s the old me now,

Im the Don since I came up,

Soon enough my lyrics will be famous,

Just cus we black you cant hate us,

White boys ears made us,

Black magic with a lil angel dust,

Your alliterate boy try to stand strait up,

The rich is where you came up,

The corners is where we sold dust,

Never let a nigga talk its no trust

That’s what the police told us,

Now we spittin for the whole country,

Im comin to take everything,

My lyrics are sick plus they starvin,

Im not stoppin till I reach Obama's garden,

Face it I'm America's top artist.

© Copyright 2020 JKPCaliboi. All rights reserved.

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