By the Water

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Short prose on love and loss.

Submitted: November 14, 2011

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Submitted: November 14, 2011



The darkness of the night is broken only by the stars, hanging above, poised and sharp enough to cut; the moonlight dances down the slope of your nose, the curve of your lips.  We sit by the water and I hear you draw breath to speak, and you tell me you've never been happier than in this moment.  The weight of your hand in mine brings me peace, and I breathe in the scent of your skin as it mingles with the smoke and the musk of the autumn air.  Our eyes meet and I am lost in you.

We sit in companionable silence, and it's as if the world has found balance.  The fever of chaos has burned out of me, has been soothed by the cool touch of your hand.  You tell me that this is forever, that we never have to leave this place or be without again.


I awake in the cold grey light of dawn, and in the brief seconds between full sleep and consciousness, I would swear I smelled the scent of your hair on the pillow, the warmth in the bed from your body, as if just moments before you had risen.  

The low, steady ache in my chest serves as reminder that you are half a world away, wrapped up in sleep like a blanket - as far from this emptiness and loneliness as you are from me.  I close my eyes and try to recall the feel of you under my fingertips, the low, gentle promise in your voice as you told me you'd never leave, and I wonder if the simple and ferocious love that lives in my heart somehow resonates to you, across the thousands of miles that separate us, like whispered words across a tin-can telephone.  

I built my house upon the crumbling foundation of late-night conversations and a love as distant to you as the dusty names and cobwebbed empires of the grade school textbook to the pupil; something that happened once, long ago, to someone else.  And though I move through each day, I live inside myself - for I hold you in the deepest recesses of my heart, a place untouched by any other.  


And I wait for you; for the water lapping at the shore, the smell of your skin, the moonlight kissing your lips.  I live for the whispered promise that this is forever, and we never have to leave.

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