An Act of Violence

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Will she shoot her sleeping boyfriend?

Submitted: September 23, 2015

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Submitted: September 23, 2015



An Act of Violence

By Joseph Logsdon

The gun was on the floor, just waiting for her to pick it up. It was easy, easier than she expected. He was asleep, unclothed, and helpless. Nora hated her boyfriend, despised him with a passion. He was a threat to her, to her family, to just about everything that moved. Her mind was made up; she was going to take his life.

As he slept, she slowly reached for the gun. Inches from her grasp, the gun didn’t want to be involved in an act of murder. It was designed for sport, and not for killing. He breathed, softly and soundly. At any given time, his eyes could open. Nora prayed for him to stay asleep, because if he were to catch her, the game would be over.

Nora tried to place her fingers around the tip of the gun. On every attempt, the gun slipped through her fingers. She was running out of time, valuable and precious time. Finally, on the fourth attempt, she managed to firmly grasp it in her hands.

It had already been loaded. All she had to do, all she ever had to do, was squeeze the trigger. Her pain, everything she had gone through, would finally come to an end. He would be dead, no longer able to hurt her. At long last, she would be free.

She lifted the gun, pointed it at his sleeping head. Never before, in the history of her life, had she ever experienced such anxiety. Something inside prevented her from pulling the trigger. It spoke to her, guided her thoughts away from what she was doing. Through all the anger, the pain and heartbreak, existed something good. It was an innocent part of her, repressed by years of suffering and hatred. Only in that moment, at the end of her rope, did she finally become aware of it.

She was at war with herself. Her mind, her very soul, was coming undone. One part of Nora, the innocent part, told her to flee. The other part, as was to be expected, told her to continue. In all the noise and confusion, she failed to realize what was happening. Her boyfriend, Mark, slowly started to open his eyes. By the time Nora knew what was happening, it was too late.

He rubbed his eyes, still unaware of his surroundings. Clearly unable to pull the trigger, Nora remained motionless. Mark finally looked at her, and upon seeing the gun, he froze.

“Nora, what are you doing?”

She didn’t respond. Out of fear, perhaps desperation, she squeezed the trigger. Mark flinched, fully expecting to die. The gun, for reasons unknown, didn’t fire. As it turned out, it was completely empty. Someone had taken the bullets out of the barrel.  

“I don’t understand,” she gasped.

“I knew you were going to try something, so I decided to make it easy for you. I’d give you the opportunity to get rid of me, once and for all. You should’ve checked the gun, that’s for sure,” Mark chuckled.

“I did, I thought. It was perfect, all planned and considered. Do you think I wanted it to come to this? Is that what you think? The one who strikes last, usually suffers the most. It was you who brought us here. All this time, we could’ve been working on our problems, as opposed to fighting each other. Heaven help me, I’ll kill you,” she screamed.

Nora jumped into the bed. She clawed at his face, like an animal with no sense of morality. Mark grabbed her hands, in an effort to subdue her. Nora looked into his eyes, and all the anger that she had been feeling, suddenly disappeared.

“It was a joke, intended only to scare you. To begin with, I shouldn’t have given you the gun. You’ve been unstable for quite some time, as fate would have it. I thought if you got a chance to pull the trigger, it would give you a moment of release. The question is, did it?”

“It did, in many ways. Push comes to shove, we all go a little crazy, don’t we?”

“Speak for yourself,” Mark chuckled.

The End


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