Deadly Revenge

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Will she overcome her addiction to alcohol?

Submitted: February 16, 2016

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Submitted: February 16, 2016



Deadly Revenge

By Joseph Logsdon

Jenna sighed, sickened by the alcohol on her lips, the sinfulness in her soul. The horror of the night, all of the misery within the walls, forced Jenna to succumb to her weakness, just as she had before, time and time again, always with the same result. The bottle was on the table, just waiting for her to pick it up again. There was something inside Jenna, most likely something wicked, that slowly ripped away at her emotions.

The window was the only thing, other than drinking, that kept her mind calm and peaceful. Above the window, along the edge of the wall, a pair of eyes watched her. The hole was small, only a few inches wide. It was the gateway to a type of revenge, from the perspective that all anger, at some point, must become a personal affair. To be watched, analyzed in a very deep way, and not even be aware of it, appeared to be of little concern to Jenna, who not only knew about the hole, approved of it, but also didn’t care about the violation of her privacy. The only thing she cared about, in the great scheme of things, was drinking as much as humanly possible.

Jenna finally turned away from the window, legitimate in her belief that everyone, most of all her friends, had abandoned her. Just as the air itself remained cold, the people around her also remained cold. In Jenna’s eyes, they were after one thing, and one thing only: her money. The wealth she had collected, over the course of years of hard work, only strengthened their secret jealousy.

Jenna felt a hand on her shoulder. It was a warm hand, very unlike the hands she had become accustomed to. The fingernails, soft by many standards, stroked her with great passion. It was a delicate touch, obviously the touch of a female, one with great skill and seduction. Jenna moaned with great precision, ecstasy clearly on her mind. There was very little she could do, or even say, to prevent the delicate pleasure from continuing.

“You’re very tense,” Lucile hissed, squeezing Jenna’s shoulders with force.

“I thought you had left,” Jenna replied.

“Why would I, your best friend of all people, leave you? I mean, I actually care about you, with all my heart, which is more than I can say for some people. It’s hard, in many ways impossible, to actually get sympathy in this world. I’ve always admired you, your beauty most of all. You needn’t worry, especially not at this moment, when everything seems just so crazy and wrong,” Lucile taunted, lightly kissing Jenna on the cheek.

“All I do, all the time, is worry about things. Just when it seems that one problem is going to end, another problem, sometimes out of nowhere, seemingly begins. I hate living in this house, alone for all these years, without any hope of escaping. What did I ever do to deserve this? I can’t trust anyone, you least of all,” she cried.

Lucile backed away, disdain within her eyes. Her hands tightened, all of her frustration suddenly coming to the surface. She had suddenly become someone else entirely, almost completely out of nowhere.

“The next word out of that pretty mouth, could be your last, so I suggest you shut it, unless you actually want to get hurt. This isn’t some kind of game where you can take whatever you want, no questions asked, just as long as you behave like a good girl. I’m a woman, for fucking sake, with feelings and desires. I suppose, in a rather vague sort of way, I am jealous of you, exactly like all the others; however, unlike them, I’ve been helping you every step of the way. Why do you think I came here, for my own pleasure? I did it for you, never once thinking of myself. I mean, how you treated me when we were younger, I’m surprised I don’t hate you,” Lucile stated.

“What are you talking about?”

Lucile formed a rather dangerous expression. Her anger, from many directions and depths, appeared to be focused on a rather perverse objective. That friendly smile, her once innocent mannerisms, could no longer be found. There was a darkness in her eyes, face, every part of her body, even the sections that appeared to be more than legitimate. She was a threat, to both Jenna and everything around her.

“Well, you should know, from all the things that happened in the past, all the stuff you chose to ignore, why I feel the way that I do. You had it all, the men, the fame, the things that any woman, me most of all, would kill to have. Have you ever thought about how lucky you are, to have money, fame, and beauty, all at the same time? Just know this: all the time you spent achieving your phony dreams, with that angelic face of yours, I was making a real living, using everything I had, namely my body and tongue,” she hissed.

“Do you think it came easy for me, doing the things that I did? It was brutal, and you can believe me, it definitely wasn’t worth it. It’s a horrible thing, when you’re trying to make it as a woman in this world. You have no one to help you, only your wits and strength. Jealousy is, always has been, the great divider among friends, for the simple reason that once you experience it, you can’t get it out of your mind. As drunk as I am, as miserable as I am, you have no reason to be jealous of me,” she cried.

There was a sudden silence that entered the room. It was devoid of emotion, empty of just about everything good and righteous. Lucile raised her hand, in a fit of anger, her emotions finally falling apart, on account of the jealousy that stirred inside her blackened heart. Jenna flinched, the pain she felt nearly unbearable.

“I have every reason to be jealous of you! You’re going to get what you deserve, that I can promise you. You should drink the bottle, all of it, until you can’t drink anymore. It’ll kill you, punish your sins, for all the times that you cheated me. I’ve been watching you for years, through that hole in the wall, your deepest secrets revealed to me. You know you want to die; now’s your chance to finally get what you want. It’ll be slow and painful, kind of similar to your treatment of me,” she hissed.

Jenna looked at the bottle, the desire to die within her heart. Lucile smiled as she watched her former friend, someone she had known her entire alive, slowly destroy herself, from within and in order to end the pain. The bottle was her only way out, the only possible way of escaping from a life of torment. Jenna grasped the bottle in her hand, seconds away from succumbing to temptation.

“I know it won’t help, it never does, but there’s something inside me, and I’m ashamed to admit that I want it. It’s all I have to make things better for me; I never should’ve trusted you with my happiness. I’d give it all up, the money more than anything else, so I could finally feel better. I hate this drink, everything about it, what it has done to me, my mind. I’m still innocent, I still love and want, which is more than I can say for you. To stop the pain, I’d drink thousands of bottles, millions of them, anything and everything to end it,” she cried, taking a sip from the bottle.

“You’re finally making sense, for the first time since I originally saw your face. Who would’ve thought, you becoming a drunkard, with all the money that you have? It’s a real Shakespearean tragedy, written by the worst writer to ever exist,” Lucile chuckled, walking towards the edge of the room.

Jenna sighed, self-loathing being her only true friend in the world. The bottle knew what she wanted, and it was more than happy to take care of her. It was the only thing, in a world full of misery, to actually have any significant meaning. The horrible pain, after years of producing endless torment, for which there appeared to be no end, was finally silenced.

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