Empire of Dishonesty

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Two women get revenge on their sexist boss.

Submitted: November 13, 2015

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Submitted: November 13, 2015



Empire of Dishonesty

By Joseph Logsdon

Cary glared out his office window, satisfied with the empire he had created. The pen, in his particular case, was truly mightier than the sword. Arguably one of the wealthiest journalists in the world, Cary had very little to complain about. Where others failed, he succeeded. Along every sidewalk, in every alleyway, around every street corner, people were reading his articles. Hidden within those pages, underneath all the flowery language, were the lies and secrets of the corrupt media. Cary certainly wasn’t a saint, much less a legitimate journalist.

Cary had two secretaries: Jill and Margie. Truth be told, they were more like slaves than actual employees. They cooked for him, cleaned for him, made sure he had the right number of words. In addition to that, they also had to be available day and night, just in case he needed anything. For very little money, they sacrificed their families and desires.

Cigarette smoke filled the air. To keep himself occupied and alert, Cary smoked as many cigarettes as humanly possible. His addiction was the only thing keeping him from jumping out the window. On the outside, Cary portrayed himself as a tough guy, even though on the inside, he was a delicate creature. The thing Cary wanted the most, he couldn’t actually have. The tears in his eyes represented what he felt inside: loneliness, despair, the fear of being forgotten. All of those things, some more than others, drove him to a very dark place.

Jill and Margie suddenly trotted into the office. Jill grabbed her chest, overcome with fear and exhaustion. From the looks of things, she was clearly sleep-deprived. With great intensity, Margie seized the door and slammed it shut. Amused by their behavior, Cary couldn’t help but laugh at their fruitless attempts to win his approval. Both of them, on multiple occasions, tried desperately to meet a standard that couldn’t be met, undoubtedly because Cary was incapable of appreciating anything done out of selflessness.

“You’re late, I can see,” Cary chuckled.

“We’re sorry, truly we are. There was an accident downtown, so rather than sit in traffic forever, we decided to walk. In all the years we’ve been working here, have we ever, even once, been late? Can you let it slide, just this one time? We’d appreciate it, Jill and I both,” Margie pleaded, her blonde hair swaying back and forth.

“You’re forgetting something very important: Jill has been late before. You didn’t think I would remember, did you, Jill? It was two years ago, several months after you started working here. All jokes aside, I once thought we had something special. The night I had back surgery, you weren’t there, as I recall. Why was that?”

“Maybe if you hadn’t gotten the surgery on Christmas, I would’ve been there. Outside of this office, we still exist, hard though that might be to believe. We have places to go, people to see. I’m my own person, free to do as I choose,” Jill declared, wiping the tears off of her pale face.

Cary rose out of his chair. The two women backed away, in fear for their lives. He marched towards them, emotionally and psychologically disturbed. His eyes were wide and bloodshot, resembling that of a wild animal.

“The next word out of your mouth, could very well be your last. I’m tired of these constant games and schemes. I’ve done a lot for this country, more than either of you could ever hope to do. I could start another war, a war like no one has ever seen, simply by writing an article. I’m dangerous; I can be homicidal; I have been cruel; I’m most certainly corrupt; I will be dishonest. That’s who I am, a son of a fucking bitch! I make no apologies, or for that matter, I make no admissions of guilt. All guilt is useless, when it comes down to it,” Cary stated.

Jill backed into the corner, frightened out of her mind. Margie jumped in front of her, perfectly willing to sacrifice herself. Cary grabbed Margie by the throat, the hatred he felt slowly making its way to the surface.

“Jill goes, I go,” she squealed.

“You two really surprise me; I gave you all types of opportunities, and what did you do with them? I’ll tell you what you did: you took my generosity, twisted it into something evil, gave it a bad name, and for what? Both of you can go, on the condition that if I ever see your faces again, for any reason other than sharing public space, I’ll make sure things go the way I originally planned,” Cary huffed, releasing Margie.

Jill and Margie headed towards the door. Deep within the heart of his fragile mind, Cary continued to cry, hurt by the fact that Margie and Jill, the two women he loved more than anything else in the world, were leaving him. They violently slammed the door, every ounce of their anger, all of their hatred, echoing down the long corridor. For what seemed like an eternity, Cary stared at his desk. His shame was followed by an intense moan, a moan so horrible, that even God refused to listen.

Further into the evening, Cary slowly made his way to his car. The parking garage was covered in total darkness, on a street corner with very little to show for itself. All around him, shadows danced to the sound of his pain. His words, formerly filled with so much power, were suddenly rendered meaningless. Cary’s life had been wasted on dishonesty and brutality. The hatred seeped into his heart, ripped into his mind, forced him to recognize the monster that he had become.

Cary suddenly heard footsteps behind him. They sounded familiar, not unlike the footsteps of Jill and Margie. His heart started to beat faster and faster, in harmony with the sound of the haunting footsteps. Too afraid to look back, and too anxious to move forward, Cary remained completely frozen in time.

“Don’t be afraid, it’s only us,” Margie stated, emerging from the shadows.

“Yeah, no need to be afraid,” Jill exclaimed, wrapping her hand around his neck.

“Jill, Margie, what are you doing here?”

“Poor Cary, there always has to be a motive for everything. Back where we come from, it’s considered impolite to ask too many questions. Isn’t that right, Jill?”

“He’s like a poor puppy dog; if you throw him a bone every now and then, he’ll stay loyal to you forever. There’s a fine line, don’t you think, between animal and beast. Animals and humans, the deeper you research them, turn out to be more alike than different. I would say, that on a scale from one to ten, one being high and ten being low, humans are definitely on the lesser level of the food chain. We could just eat him up, couldn’t we, Margie?”

“That sounds like a brilliant idea,” Margie replied.

From behind, a knife pierced his back. Far beyond the point of caring, Cary didn’t even scream for help. Margie withdrew a knife from her pocket and plunged it into his chest. The first knife was blunt; the second knife was sharp. He collapsed, forsaken by a world that never loved him.

“We have put an end to the pain he caused, all the words he wrote, the crimes he committed; I hope we will find peace, in this life or the next,” Margie uttered.

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