Red Water

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Two women fight for the attention of one man.

Submitted: April 19, 2016

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Submitted: April 19, 2016



Red Water

By Joseph Logsdon

The water was calm and peaceful, in almost complete contradiction with the newly hostile environment, with every breath becoming progressively louder, their every shout, word, and movement only causing more trouble than necessary. The night grew darker, more violent, the bulk of its power that of temptation, violence, and blood. Jeff watched the two women fight, peace and virtue the furthest things from his mind. They seemed very graceful, just in the way that they screamed at one another, clawed at one another, with seemingly no mercy inside of them. Their screams were unheard, the beach having been abandoned for several decades. The night had a monopoly on the moment, it being the only outside witness to a very intense situation.  

Ava grabbed Lana by the arm, no amount of force too great for her to handle. The two women, one blonde, one brunette, seemed to gain a massive amount of pleasure out of the conflict, which continued on and on, for seemingly no reason other than to cause as much pain as possible. They were caught in a fight to the death, quite literally within minutes of killing each other. The sand was kicked in multiple directions, from left to right, right to left, both women trying their best to gain an advantage. There was a deadly amount of anger in their eyes, a little more so in the eyes of Ava, who, with her sultry tan skin, had made every attempt possible to steal Jeff away from Lana.

Jeff continued to rest his legs in the sand, just several feet from where the fight was taking place. They seemed to ignore him, instead choosing to continue their massive confrontation, the cost of such a choice of little concern to them. There was a massive cry of anger, on the part of both Lana and Ava, two women who seemingly couldn’t stand the idea of sharing a man together. Ava twisted Lana’s arm, pulled it towards the ground, a possible victory finally within reach.

“Do you yield?” Ava asked.

“You could kill me, Jeff would still love me more than you. We’ve been together for, I don’t know how long, something like twenty years, two full decades before you even knew him,” she hissed, spitting on Ava’s face.

“What you just said, what does that prove, I mean aside from you being a boring housewife? Jeff told me this himself, that you were nothing but a lying, cheating, manipulating bitch! There’s nothing, not in Heaven, not in Earth, that could prevent him from leaving you. You think you’re better than me, if by better you mean that you’re somehow clean, sinless, God’s perfect example of virtue, when actually, you’re nothing but a self-righteous phony,” she huffed.

Jeff dashed towards them, more than skeptical of his ability to put an end to their bitter hatred. All at once, perhaps for the first time, their anger seemed to disappear. Ava let go of Lana’s arm, zero signs of bitterness in her face, just one of many strange occurrences. Lana and Ava turned their attention towards Jeff, neither of them focused on what had been the primary conflict.

“Ladies, come now, can’t we all just get along? I mean, I love both of you, just in different ways,” he contended, the night air causing him to shiver.

“In the first place, why did you bring me here?” Lana asked.

“I thought that if you met Ava, you know, just talked to her, that maybe we could work something out,” he answered, tears forming in his eyes.

“That’s silly, all of what you just said,” Ava hissed, spitting on Jeff’s face.

“I do love you, in more ways than you know,” he professed.

“You say you love me, you profess it, while at the same time, right behind my back, you’ve been fucking other girls, quite a number of them, a few dozen more than I’m probably guessing. That’s the way you’ve been operating, how you’ve managed to seduce us, both me and Lana, for your own twisted purposes,” she huffed.

Jeff had tears in his eyes. There was a hint of regret in the air, some of it so sad, so compelling, that it even reached Lana, yet another set of tears in her eyes. Jeff stood on the beach, a broken man, divided between two different worlds, one world full of what he wanted, the other full of what he needed. He turned his gaze towards the ocean, out of touch with just about everything, Lana’s pain obviously included. The more he thought about his situation, the more out of touch he became.

Ava made her way towards him, something along the lines of betrayal written on her face, in her eyes, on practically every part of her body. Usually a strong woman, Ava was unaccustomed to the tears that fell from her eyes, and was even more unprepared for the breaking of her heart. There was a deep sorrow within the darkest depths of her soul. It ripped away at her, moment upon moment, always with the same amount of intensity. There was an awakening within her, in some respects very violent, one could almost say murderous, but most of all, it was that awakening which brought about her true nature.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you, either of you,” he claimed, wiping his nose.

“You’ve hurt so many people, your wife and I just one of many examples. The summer of last year, you’ll remember, we met on the beach, I’m betting in this exact spot. It was a wonderful moment: just you, me, and the ocean. I would give anything, perhaps even my own life, just to experience that moment a second time, but alas, that moment is gone, my love for you along with it. I spit on you a hundred times, a thousand times, whatever it takes to make you see the truth, specifically the truth about us being through,” she hissed.

“Why did you even fight her, seeing as you were planning to end things all along?”  

“I was always fighting you, mentally speaking of course,” she answered.

“Much of what you said, it’s actually very accurate. There were so many times, Ava, where I just wanted to tell you the truth, if not for my sake, then at least for yours. Right from the start, before things got out of hand, I should’ve told you that I was married. I’m asking you, all my mistakes aside, don’t leave me alone. Not too far from now, I see us sitting by a fire, you playing music, me reading a book, exactly like it was meant to be,” he professed.

“It’s too late, you and I both know,” she hissed, walking several feet away from him.

Far from calm and collected, Jeff seemed to be in a state of endless anxiety. He stomped his feet in the sand, what seemed to be anger eventually turning into something else, that something more dangerous than what had previously been there. Lana dashed towards her husband, some small part of her still convinced that deep down, everything that had happened aside, there was still an aspect of him worth talking to. She wrapped her arms around him, at first what seemed like an attempt at saving his soul, if not for the fact that her tears seemed to be full of anger, very little sadness to be found. She squeezed him tightly, about only half as nasty as she was capable of being. Previously a lonely housewife, Lana had become something else entirely, the type of woman she thought she would never be, having come from a Christian family, God’s morality at the forefront of her upbringing, yet through circumstances beyond her control, she had transformed into a wicked woman.

“Things being what they are, it seems like you don’t have a choice,” she said.

“What do you mean?”

“Lord have mercy, do you actually have a question? You might as well know, me and Ava, we actually go way back. This entire time, you thought you were actually deceiving us, probably the funniest part about all of this, even funnier the part where you started crying. Back in school, I actually knew Ava, was good friends with her mother. We grew very close, you could say even too close, that only the case if you choose to believe what some people were saying about us. Some months into your affair, I found out about Ava, eventually met with her. What do you think happened after that?”

“You were together, the two of you?”

“It was better, a lot more satisfying than anything you’ve ever done. Months in advance, we actually planned to fight on this beach, the whole thing made to look like we had turned against each other, for your benefit more than any other reason. Brought together by love, we decided that the only way to be happy, I mean truly happy, was to take matters into our own hands. We made a choice to come here, what we worked for at the very heart of our decision to make things right,” she hissed.

Nowhere left to turn, Jeff dashed towards Ava, multiple expressions of desperation on his face. He clawed at her eyes, shook her shoulders, much of his strength already depleted. His courage, weak though it appeared to be, was the only thing that kept him standing.

“Is it true, what she just said?”

“Currently, there are three of us, soon to be two of us,” Ava chuckled.

Jeff stood on the beach, at the mercy of two vengeful women. He tried to run, at least make some kind of attempt to save himself, whatever the odds against him. Out of her pocket, Ava removed a knife, very intent on using it. Jeff backed into the water, the ocean behind him, Ava and Lana in front of him. Convinced of his demise, Jeff turned his back towards them, only the sound of the waves for comfort. He moved slowly into the water, any chance of escaping out of the question. Jeff continued to contemplate all of his mistakes, the biggest being his inability, despite all of the pain, to actually tell the truth. He had wasted his four decades of life, thirty of those years nearly impossible to remember, alcohol playing the biggest role in his demise.

Jeff felt an object penetrate his back, no doubt something sharp. He felt it enter him a second time, a third time, more times than was probably necessary. The water turned red, blood red, an unsettling color, this type of red more sinister than anything that had ever been witnessed before. Jeff attempted, to the best of his ability, to stay as calm as possible, even in the face of certain demise. He took a few steps forward, sadly what would prove to be his final steps. The physical pain, he knew quite well, was the least of his worries. One last time, Jeff looked into the sky, at all of the bright stars, no closer to satisfying his quest for greater meaning, beyond just what he could innately understand about himself. Without so much as making a sound, he fell into the water, death finally upon him.

“Four stab wounds, he still didn’t flinch,” Ava remarked.

“He’s too brave for that, such is the case with a lot of men,” Lana grunted.

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