The Coat

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A poor woman is obsessed with purchasing a priceless fur coat.

Submitted: April 17, 2015

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Submitted: April 17, 2015



The Coat

By Joseph Logsdon

Joan couldn’t take her eyes off of it. In all her life, she had never seen anything so elegant. If she had the money, she would’ve bought the coat, but sadly, she was a poor woman. No matter how hard she tried, she could never be more than what she was. Leaving the store, Joan watched hundreds of women, all of them leading extraordinary lives. Not only did she admire them, she also wanted to be them.

Hoping to be home for dinner, Joan rushed to her car. It was an old car, and like most old things, it didn’t like to be rushed. Before Joan could open the door, a woman grabbed her shoulder. Startled and alarmed, Joan started to scream, but when she looked at the woman, her fear disappeared.

“Excuse me, could we talk for a second?”

“Forgive me, miss, you nearly gave me a heart attack,” Joan laughed, brushing the tears from her eyes.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I often scare people. My psychiatrist said I lacked people skills, but, then again, what does he know?”

“Well, what do you want?”

“It’s not what I want, it’s what you want,” the woman stated.

“You’re not making any sense,” Joan stated.

“A few moments ago, I saw you looking at a priceless fur coat. You looked very sad, so I decided to cheer you up. Hey, would you be interested in buying my coat? I mean, of course, it’s not as impressive as the one in the store, but I can assure you, it’s worth buying. Just last night, I was told that it was worth millions of dollars. Not hundreds, not thousands, millions! So what do you say, are you interested?”

“How do I know that this isn’t some type of scam?”

“You mean, you don’t trust me?”

“Well, no, frankly. You seem like a nice woman and all, but why, may I ask, would you just give something away? It doesn’t make any sense, and unless you can prove that the coat is genuine, then we don’t have a deal,” Joan stated.

“Oh, I see, you would like some verification, huh?”

“Exactly,” Joan stated.

“Well, I don’t have it on me, but if you come with me, I’m sure I can find the receipt for you,” she stated.

“Just one more thing, why are you going through all this trouble? I don’t know you, you don’t know me, so why are you doing this? It’s a little strange, selling something to someone you barely know,” Joan stated.

“You’re right, it might be strange, it might even be unethical. I’m not doing this for you, I’m doing it for me. A long time ago, I was in your situation. I was poor, so poor that I couldn’t even afford to have my own apartment. As good luck would have it, I met a man, and this man changed everything for me. He didn’t just give me money, he gave me a home. Every chance I get, I try to help women who need help the most. You need help, don’t you?”

“Wow, it’s almost like you can read my mind,” Joan stated.

“I can, to some degree,” she laughed.

“What’s your name, by the way?”

“Lesly, Ashley Lesly,” she stated.

“Well, Ashley, I guess you got yourself a deal,” Joan stated.

Getting into her car, Joan drove to Ashely’s apartment. Walking inside, Joan gasped as she stared at the expensive architecture. The more she stared, the more jealous she became. Before Joan could say another word, Ashley removed her coat, exposing her bare breasts. It was shocking, but at the same time, it was also somewhat arousing.

“Could you put that back on?”

“Why? Don’t you like it?”

“It’s not normal, that’s all,” she stated.

“Oh, come now, don’t be so dramatic. Admit it, you’re attracted to me, aren’t you? Don’t try denying it, I know you are. Go ahead, touch them,” Ashley stated.

“So, is this your price for the coat?”

“You could say that, I guess,” Ashley laughed.

“I don’t know, it just doesn’t seem right,” Joan gasped.

“And who decides what’s right, and what’s wrong? For once in your life, don’t try and rationalize things. Life is much easier when you let go, I promise you,” Ashley laughed.

Unable to resist temptation, Joan squeezed Ashely’s breast, causing her to release a soft moan. In almost no time at all, they were kissing. When it was all said and done, Joan had given herself to a complete stranger. The following morning, Joan collected her things and walked towards the front door.

“Leaving so soon?”

“Yeah, I have to go to work,” Joan answered.

“You’re forgetting something,” Ashley stated, holding the fur coat in her hand.

“Oh, yes, I almost forgot why I came here,” Joan laughed, taking the coat from Ashley.

“Don’t you want to see the receipt?”

“I trust you,” Joan answered.

“Just out of curiosity, what changed your mind?”

“You’re very persuasive, I guess,” Joan answered, shutting the door behind her.

For the first time in her life, Joan felt content. She was still a poor woman, but unlike before, she could pretend that she wasn’t. The following day, however, her luck came to an end. Joan was about to enter a jewelry store, but before she could, a police officer stopped her.

“Excuse me, where did you get that fur coat?”

“Uh, I bought it, of course. Why do you ask?”

“Don’t play dumb with me, we’ve been looking for you for a long time,” the officer stated, handcuffing Joan.

“This has to be some kind of mistake,” Joan stuttered.

“Is it?”

“You have to believe me, I bought it,” Joan screamed.

“You’re under arrest for the murder of Ashley Lesly,” the officer exclaimed.

“How is that possible? Ashley gave it to me, I didn’t steal it,” Joan cried.

“I have to admit, I almost didn’t think we’d catch you. I mean, she was murdered months ago, but for some reason, we kept hearing reports of someone pretending to be Ashley Lesly. Well, I guess we know who’s responsible, don’t we?”

“It wasn’t me, I tell you, it wasn’t me!”

“Sure, tell it to the judge,” the officer laughed.

The End




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