The Corruption

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
In order to receive wealth and fame, a woman must sacrifice her dignity.

Submitted: May 19, 2016

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Submitted: May 19, 2016



The Corruption

By Joseph Logsdon

Much too soon, Carolyn started to feel like the entire world had turned against her. She stared at the office door, no more than just a few minutes away from losing everything she had to offer. Straight down the line, there was a delicate sensibility that refused to loosen its tight hold over her. The agony she felt in her heart, as opposed to other agonies she had experienced, seemed to slowly eat away at her sense of self-worth. Carolyn knew that in order to make a difference, any that would have an impact, she would have to sacrifice everything she had ever believed in.

She could see the light inside his office, therefore suggesting that he was already working on the latest article. She leaned against the door, adamant about listening to every word that he typed, each word and letter another form of intoxication. There seemed to be no end to her endless lust for power, glory, and fame, irrespective of the fact that she would never admit such a thing to herself. Many years of frustration had driven her to the point of pure depression, the possibility of escaping all but impossible. Right next to everything else she had done, selling herself didn’t seem to be all that bad, not least of all when she considered what came before.

Practically on the verge of having a panic attack, Carolyn, still unsure of what would happen, finally managed to open the door, the endless pounding in her heart nearly impossible to control. She stared into his cold eyes, those very same eyes that had been staring at her for months on end, a few more months than she wanted to admit to herself. He sat behind his desk, a cigarette in his mouth, a pen in his hand, and to make matters worse, he also carried a gun in his pocket. Part of Carolyn wanted to walk away from everything she had worked for, what she had suffered for, whereas the other part of her, she only knew too well, wanted to fully surrender to the darkness of the human heart.

“You’re so beautiful,” he said, a smile forming on his face.

“Beautiful to some, ugly to others,” Carolyn responded, shutting the door behind her.

“Only to those who know they can’t have you,” he chuckled.

“It’s rare, few and far between that someone will actually get the chance to know me, never mind actually be with me,” she huffed.

“Well, just like you say, it all depends on the perspective. You know, some months ago, I guess around the time I was in New York, I really started to think about your predicament. You’re such a talented girl, so full of life, and you really deserve a chance to prove yourself. I could do quite a lot for you; that is, if you would let me?”

“First things first, where are those pictures?”

“Pictures? What pictures?”

“Lie to me again, you won’t see the daylight,” she demanded, hitting the desk with force.

“It’s like the old saying goes, ‘The pen is truly mightier than the sword.’ You’re talking to Roger Coleman, the world’s leading columnist, not some nobody that you can just push around for the fun of it. Earlier this week, probably last month, I could’ve released those photos of you, in particular the real juicy ones of you on the bed. It was hard enough trying to get those photographs, what with everything that’s been going on lately,” he confessed.

“And just what is going on, apart from you being a fucking asshole?”

“Amid everything that has been happening lately, all the noise and confusion, something has happened with us. Can you figure out what that is?”

Carolyn looked into Roger’s eyes, not too sure of what to say or how to react. Just in the way that he looked at her, stared at her, she could tell that he wasn’t right in the head. His eyes were wide, much wider and crazier than she had originally anticipated. He was foaming at the mouth, an endless stream of lustful thoughts inside his mind, several of them simply impossible to describe. Carolyn backed into the corner, at least part of her deeply mournful of the fact that she had been taken advantage of. Tears fell from her eyes, massive amounts of sadness that managed to touch her very state of mind, as she suddenly realized that there was no way of escaping her fate, other than maybe attempting some kind of murder.

“I don’t owe you anything; not a goddamn thing! So help me, I’ll make sure you never write another article again. I’m an actress, one with a career ahead of her, which is more than I can say for a lot of people. Why would anyone, you of all people, try to prevent me from succeeding? Just look at you, look at what you’ve done, and maybe you’ll see what I’m talking about,” she cried.

“What I’ve done? What about what you’ve done? Oh yes, I know all about your little affair with that actor friend of yours, if an actor is what he can be called. You’ve committed one sin, why not commit another? Let’s not continue to debate about all of this, from one sinner to another,” he professed.

“The next word out of your mouth, that’s it for me. It always has to be about you, never anyone else,” she huffed.

Reaching into his pocket, Roger swiftly pulled out a gun, approximately two to three inches in length. Carolyn gasped, understandably upset by the fact that a gun, not the fake kind, but a real gun, was pointed at her head. Roger swiftly placed it on his desk, nothing other than peaceful expressions on his face. He laughed at her seemingly ignorant way of reacting to situations, rather overly amused by the fact that everything seemed to be working in his favor.

“It ends, here and now,” he declared.

“What will end? What are you talking about?”

“You wanted to kill me, you have your chance. Just say the word, I’ll give you everything you’ve ever dreamed of, things you never could’ve imagined before. You have a choice: you can either choose to be with me, give yourself a successful career, or you can foolishly take my life. Keep in mind, you are the one with all of the power here, the one who can decide my fate. I will support your decision, much as it pains me,” he stated.

“Just give me the pictures, we won’t have to do this,” she cried, nervously shaking.

“Better idea: you can spread your legs,” he grunted.

Nervous to the highest degree imaginable, Carolyn slowly placed her fingers around the gun, morality almost nowhere to be found. She hated Roger for so many reasons, most importantly because he had caused her so much pain and grief. Carolyn started to feel a slight sense of reluctance, most of what she felt only appearing after she raised the gun into the air. She looked into Roger’s eyes, his cold and unfeeling eyes that seemed to be begging her to pull the trigger. Little by little, sooner than he expected, Carolyn began to loosen her grip. There was still some part of her that longed to be in the spotlight, her reasons obviously varying. The gun in her hand suddenly became worthless, nothing more than a piece of trash.

“Heaven forbid, I guess you win,” she said, lowering the gun.

“Win? Win what?”

“Me, I guess,” she answered, walking towards the desk.

“You’re the real winner; don’t forget that,” he stated, gently grabbing her by the hand.

“Well, I mean to really say, I’m more of an extra prize. You have all this power, it just doesn’t seem fitting to give me any credit,” she professed, placing her hand on his arm.

“Giving credit where credit is due, that’s always been a mistake of mine, one that I’m determined to never repeat,” he whispered, passionately kissing her on the lips.

The End




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