Tony Blake

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A detective accepts a suspicious case.

Submitted: April 27, 2015

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Submitted: April 27, 2015



Tony Blake

By Joseph Logsdon

Tony Blake was sitting in his office, smoking a cigarette. It wasn’t that he liked smoking, it was just that he couldn’t break the addiction. No matter how hard he tried, the cigarette refused to leave his hand. Tony was a private investigator, though some would call him a prowler, a kind of man who never quits, even when he’s been beaten. Just as things started to get boring, she walked into the office. She wasn’t exactly beautiful, but she wasn’t ugly, either. There was something about her, something undetectable.

“Mr. Blake, I need your help,” she pleaded, placing her hands on his desk.

“Calm down, helping people is what I do, assuming they have the money,” Tony laughed.

“Oh, don’t worry about that, I have plenty of money,” she stated.

“Well, what seems to be the trouble? Did your boyfriend leave you? Are you having an affair? Is someone blackmailing you?”

“Why, of course not, nothing like that,” she stated.

“Well, first of all, what’s your name?”

“Ravenwood, Vivien Ravenwood,” she stuttered.

“Well, Vivien, what’s your problem?”

“It’s very simple, actually. You see, Mr. Blake, my friend has been acting very strange lately. Every time I see her, she brushes me off, almost like she doesn’t even want to acknowledge me. You have to understand, I normally don’t like to bother people with these kind of things, but at this point, I have no choice. Can’t you help me?”

“That depends, do you got the money?”

“Well, that depends, are you going to deliver?”

“You don’t play games, do you, Vivien?”

“If I did, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” Vivien stated.

“And where is that, exactly?”

“I’ve already said too much. Now, can you help me, or should I go to someone else?”

“What do you want me to do? You say she’s been acting strange, but is that sufficient enough reason to hire an investigator? In case you haven’t noticed, many people go through depression, and from what you’re telling me, your friend might be one of those people,” Tony stated.

“Mr. Blake, if I want your opinion, I’ll ask for it. I can find men much more capable than yourself, so you should consider yourself lucky that I’m going to you, instead of an investigator with a bigger office. So, do we have a deal or not?”

“What do you want me to do?”

“I just want you to talk to her, that’s all,” Vivien stated.

“You mean, you’re going to pay me all this money, and just to talk to her? I don’t know, this sounds fishy,” Tony stated.

“Most cases do, don’t they?”

“Yeah, I guess they do. What’s your friend’s name, by the way?”

“Janet,” she answered.

“Where can I find her?”

“I’ll send you the information later, okay?”

“You drive a hard bargain, don’t you?”

“Of course, always have,” Vivien stated.

The following night, Tony visited the apartment of Janet Dawson. It was dark, so dark that he couldn’t even see his hands. Not only was there no sign of Janet, there was also no sign of recent inhabitance. Just as Tony was about to leave, he tripped over something. At first, Tony didn’t think anything of it, but when he felt the cold hand, he knew what had happened. Janet Dawson was dead, and given the temperature of her body, she had been for many hours. Shocked and bewildered, Tony attempted to leave the apartment, and he would’ve, if it hadn’t been for the police, who were waiting outside.

“Stay where you are,” the officer commanded, handcuffing Tony.

“This has to be some kind of mistake,” Tony stated.

“You have the right to remain silent,” the officer stated.

“She set me up; the bitch set me up!”

“Sure, tell it to the judge,” the officer laughed.

The End

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