A Loved Ones Loss

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This is to someone very special in my life whom just lost a loved one she was very close to. I don't pretend to understand. I have lost 2 people in my life but was never as close as I would have liked to be.

Submitted: May 08, 2008

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Submitted: May 08, 2008



I know not what to say

I admit that honestly

I could spew words

which contain no meaning

those which others always say

I can sympathize your distraught

the emotional turmoil that devours you.

I have not physically been in your position

but I can only imagine the pain

Today you give me heart wrenching news

of death to your own

and I truly am sorry for you.

I hesitate not

to come spend a few moments with you

though you are at work.

I drop what I am doing and rush out the door.

I could pick up a lame card of sympathy

but yet it still does not say what my words can not

selflessly I grab you a coffee instead.

Along my way i try to think of words to say

but I know you just need a caring face to show

 i care not if I left the stove on

or if my sink is flowing over

you are most important to me

I finally see you and inside your tears are many

you refuse to show your pain outside

You've lost many in short time

and I know that has to be difficult

You show me ma few time your tears though not in person

you've shared many a story of loss

I pretend not

to make sense of it

but my shoulder shall be yours to cry upon.

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