another passage of my own writings

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Societies insanity is unrealized yet visibly overlooked.  It is reality to pass by those who we deem different or not up to standards. Yet there is no true standard. Over generations, society has not changed one bit. We still disapprove of others because of our own insecurities. It is those who admit to thier own insanity that can distinguish truth from false pretense bestowed upon them in all forms. I myself never claim to be sane. If others only knew the ordeals I go through alone behind the mask I front.Over the past 10 years, the mask has slowly deteriated. My uncleanssed mind shows. To be honest, I like it. I like the madness with in myself. I laugh when pain is forced upon me. i laugh even more when I inflict it.
You look at me befor knowing anything and say I am normal. That I have no onsanity within my being. The many nights I sit locked away music blasting harsh beats through my system as I become immune to all around me. The rope i tie around my wrist, killing circulation to my hands. With numbness and a blade the blood i watch flow vigerously as I laugh. the absents of thought and another cut made.Many pins and needles forced into my arms to the bone. I flinch not nor acknowledge the physical pain. When the blood on my hands slows, I induce more.
You may now be wonder how this relates to societies insanity, Well it is simple. Even those of us who appear sane, have our own dark side. We are comforted by our safehavens. As unsafe as it may seem, the reality is this, those who claim to be sane do more damage than those of us who admit to our insanity and realize others.

Twisted in thought
profound in words
I describe the world
I play no games
Confuse only thyself
and still you wonder
what am I saying
I do not twist words
nor do i twist thier meanings
and yet you blame me for your
illiterate way of reading my words
No longer shall I explain
or define myself to you....

My words my own. thier meaning defined as written. Yet you can not even understand. Top education has no place. It is those of us who are truly free that can make sense of the way in which i tend to write and or speak.

Submitted: March 22, 2007

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