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For that past nearly two yrs my life had a big down fall. Things were crumbling fast. Mentally my mind became very unsound. More than ever before. I was at a point of complete self-destruction. I normally am not one to ask for outside help but this was a time needed immediately. So I made the commitment and went to counselling. Made a bunch of friends I can relate to in various ways. Made a rather hard promise but have so far kept it. A promise not to inflict pain upon myself in times of hardship. Recently made more friends outside and have enjoyed being around them.
This piece in dedicated to those new friends I have made in the past year and a half.

Submitted: February 15, 2015

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Submitted: February 15, 2015



So long I have lived

In a world without friends

they come and go

but never stayed

So locked away

I put myself

not to feel the pain

But pain came in a different form.

not having friends 

just being alone.

I tried to hide deep within myself shut others out

not to see my pain.

A light shown on the scars

self inflicted unable to hide

Help was needed

that I would find.

In a place I never want to be again

The pain sis stil existanting

but not as bad

slowly new friends are had.

Some I only see in a place we all meet

Some on the corner 

others on the street.

A new found happiness

I feel inside.

But a piece of me 

is still scared 

wanting to hide.

I try to stay in good frame of thought 

thinking of these friends 

whom mean a lot.

I seem at times to forget my own troubles

Step out of my cage to comfort thier sorrows

The scarring within me is slowly healing

a promise made no more self-inflicting

Yet at times I can feel 

the urges as they come

that promise alone makes them numb

A change in my life

started with friends so very needed....

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