Sorrwed eyes laughing in painful joy

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no summary. Just came out of the blue.

Submitted: October 20, 2007

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Submitted: October 20, 2007



Behind these eyes is pain

pain so emotional

Behind these eyes is laughter

Laughing at pain

You look at me and say many a thing

not knowing the times I have gone through

You make remarks

"it's for attention"

but you see not my loneliness

the many times I cry

You see not the scars I bare

Behind these sorrowed eye

I laugh in painful joy

as I induce the pain more and more

I remove a mask

One I've dawned for my life

and yet you still don't see

so I laugh even more

sorrowed eyes laughing in painful joy

as you pass me by

words muttered under your breath

condemming me casting me out

I laugh at you

I laugh at your blindness and ignorance

And it brings comfort to me

another person who has no clue

another one who falsifies thier own emotions

I overcame

overcame the mask I wore.

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