You are the radiant sun,

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summerize as you would like. I can not always explain why my words twist and weave yet is a marvelous way they shine and give thier meanings.

Submitted: November 19, 2009

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Submitted: November 19, 2009



You are the radiant sun,

beating down upon the sullied soul,

warming it's inner love,

and promising a better day

For a time of wait

Has long been

and deepest feelings

have no end

time seeming slow

as passes day

the air in sight

Poluted beautifully by your aura

washing rivers of pain

deeply as I gaze into the night

as visions of you

cloud my mind

I can not speak

of past lost

and hurt been dealt

 no longer the line of pain

A world apart

and yet a universe so near

no heaven nor hell

to ever define

the trip I willingly take,

just to be near.

I can not simplify my my words

and yet I can simply thier means.

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