Lost In Darkness

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Josephine was lost for many a year and now has found her way back home to become one again

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Lost In Darkness

As I walked between the glossy multitudes of green trees, I looked up and the sun was shining between each one. The sun was as bright as gold and as warm as a blaze from a fire but it was magical to see the tiny dust motes that floated by as if they were tiny fairies. The swirls and twists from my breath and the breeze made it appear as though they were choreographed to move as one.

The colours of the wild flowers were highlighted against the evergreen of their leaves and as tiny as they may be you just could not miss them.

The sound of the brook could be just made out over the sound of snapping twigs under the soles of my bare feet. The sound was just a babble. It was not thunderous and it was not crashing threateningly, it sounded peaceful. When I stepped through the overgrowth and witnessed how magnificent it was, I just could not believe my eyes. I thought I was dreaming. With a sliver of sunlight shining down on the centre of the pool - formed at the bottom of the brook - so that you could see the amount of beautiful fish swimming underneath and somersaulting through the water's surface.

It was the place for only the enchanted fairytale creatures.

The fairies with their glistening, gossamer wings, dripping with sparkles of water. The elves all clad in silver or gold, just winking at me as they gathered berries and water for themselves. But it was the purity of the unicorns that now surrounded me that held my attention; they are what had really caught my eye. They could not have shone a brighter white. They actually shone like twinkling stars in the night sky. I just could not comprehend this was real; I was so sure I had fallen asleep and was now dreaming. So I sat down on the edge of the glistening brook to adjust and try to take in the majestic scene before me.

Deciding to dip my toe in the pool as I sat, the fairies played with my mahogany brown, waist length hair. After, I caught a glimpse of my unmistakable reflection, I was overwhelmed. The fairies had braided my hair in such away I just did not believe it was possible and they had also placed the unbeknown and exquisite flowers of this planet and its many secretive realms in the braid.

The sun was still shining brightly in the clear blue sky when I heard a compelling voice. The voice was that of a male. He walked through the tall trees and big undergrowths without the slightest sound apart from that of his voice.

There was a subtle glow from his skin and he was smiling the loveliest of smiles. He was talking to a collection of fairies that had settled on his left shoulder. I only just noticed them because his sparkling green eyes were focused on them as he spoke. He still had not noticed me and I was awe struck by his beauty. His hair was golden and just brushed his shoulders whenever he moved his head. I noticed he was wearing the most delectable three-piece, ivory suit with a deep, rich purple sash going from his left shoulder to the right side of his waist, held together by a brooch shaped as a Jaguar's head. It was made up of many pieces of sparkling, cut crystal but the detail to the shape of the head made it look almost life like.

When he saw me, he stared at me for a few seconds and then walked towards me. He looked inquisitively at my face, searching. Searching for what I'm was not sure but he then sat on a moss covered oak stump beside me. At that moment all the colourful butterflies came together, carrying a dress to me made of the softest of silks and in the colour of violet purple.

The fairies were then explaining to me that while I had been basking in the sun, they had made me the dress to change in to out of my ragged, pale blue play dress which I had become lost in. I took the dress and the elves then unearthed a secluded and private area for me to change.

When I came back to the young man sitting on the stump, he was feeding and stroking a unicorn. I stood still for a moment watching in amazement until the young man asked if I would like to try. With a slight nod of the head I slowly moved forward with my arm and hand extended but I stopped in the middle of the step and slightly rocked as I looked and took in the fact that I was glowing!

The young man moved towards me and took my glowing, dainty hand in his big, soft one and led me to the unicorn. As we moved forward and I then caressed the mythical creature, I became aware that I could understand the animal’s thoughts and feelings. I turned slightly to my right, with an astonished look on my face, to tell the young man who had just informed me that his name was Eric that I could understand the creature; his exquisite smile broke across his youthful, face like the sun on the horizon. He told me that he had been searching everywhere for me for many suns and moons. When I questioned apprehensively why, he told me I was his one true love, it was his destiny to find me again as it had been foretold. I then asked what did he mean by again, I was so confused! Did this mean we already had known each other before? And if so when, because I certainly did not remember.

We decided to sit again before he told me the whole story. We sat on a log and turned to face each other. He took both my hands in his and we both sighed as he did so, as if both of us were relieved from the pain of our separation. We sat for hours on the log, hands clasped together as he told me the story of us having grown up together and being each others best friend. Apparently both our parents thought that that was all it was but our mothers decided one day to visit Ms. Celia Cobberway, a fortune teller and a powerful one.

Our mothers were scared and nervous at the prospect of it but they had to know if there was to ever be more to our great friendship. Celia had told our parents that we were one and had to be from birth, if one were lost the other shall suffer great pain and sadness. We would never be with others and our love for each other was the purist thing to exist. Eric said from the age of three up to when we were nine and I then was lost we could not let go of the others hand until it was time for us to go to bed but even then our rooms had to be next to each other and our beds on the same wall also.

He told me that the day I was lost we had decided to go to the golden, corn fields which sat right on top of the biggest hill in our village. We had been standing on the very edge of the field talking to the fairies and elves when he felt my hand pull away from his. By the time he looked up for me all he could see was me in my blood red, taffeta dress being pulled backwards in to the blackest of black and darkness of the trees while I had my arms out stretching, reaching towards him. As he starting running towards me, trying to help me I just disappeared.

He had gotten to the last spot he had seen me in the forest and collapsed to his knees, he screamed a scream that was so blood curdling that everyone raced there, all the people from the village, every animal he had ever seen also. Once they got there he had collapsed and passed out. He was unconscious for days.

When he came round and explained what had happened to my already distraught parents, my father’s emotions then changed to anger and rage. He gathered the men of the village to search the black forest for me, they had searched everyday for a whole year when then my father became seriously ill and they had to abandon the search. My father then passed away 3 months after the searching stopped. My mother had become a recluse and spoke to no-one, seeing no-one. The neighbours heard her crying at night and eventually she took her own life.

Eric had not stopped searching; he would check all our favourite places every day. People would say to him to stop and realise that I was never coming back but his reply was simple "We are one."

From the night Eric had become conscious he screamed. Everyone heard his scream; it was the same blood curdling scream from that moment in the forest. At first people thought something else had happened but they soon realised that Eric was in terrible pain, his heart had been ripped in two and only had one piece; the other was gone!

As this was being spoken to me, images of my younger childhood was flashing before my eyes: the faces of my true mother and father, the long ornate dining table and chairs we all would sit at for meals, eating those meals with one hand because the other was being grasped by a boy with golden hair and big green eyes, who was turning to me and smiling which revealed dimples in his cheeks, the double swing our fathers had made us on the big oak tree in the side garden of the house, running through the fields whilst it rained and still holding hands with the boy. As I looked over the memories the smile on my face got wider and wider until the one where I am no longer holding the boys hand but staring at him, screaming his name, stretching out my arms hoping to reach him but the boy got further and further away until I could no longer see. I knew from those memories that he was talking the truth and my heart knew it too.

I looked him again but closely, scrutinizing his facial expressions and noticed the slight dimples in his cheeks when he smiled. I dither on what to do but then I took his right hand in my left and I put my right hand on his left cheek, stroking it with the back of my hand from his temple to his chin.

He was still shocked and having found me but at my touch he began to wrap his arm around my waist to embrace me. He lent forward to give me the lightest peck of a kiss with his soft, puckered lips on my own. At that moment a feeling of an electric pulsed through my body.

The walk in the forest had gone from being the supposed worst thing in my twenty-six years of life, to the best!

As I mounted a unicorn to ride to my past and future home, the fairies that had sparkled earlier in the day now glowed in a rainbow of colours in the darkening night. Flew around my head and placing a delicate, intricately woven crown of silver on my head. As they placed the crown all the enchanted and mythical creatures appeared and exclaimed how glad and happy they were of me finally finding my way back home.

Eric led the unicorn to the top of the hill beside the babbling brook and we stopped for a minute for me to digest the site of my past and future home.

We were whole again.



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